Aethertapping (Aion Skill)  


The first skill on this chain, Lesser Extract Aether, is automatically granted to you at level 10 following your Ascension.

To use the Extract: Aether skill, right click on the object you want to extract from. This will start the Skill Progress Window. The window displays the name of the Skill you are using, your points (in parentheses), the icon and name of the target, and 2 lines: Pass and Fail. As the skill use attempt continues, each test of your skill will progress one of these 2 bars. If the Pass bar fills up before the Fail bar, you succeed at using your skill and gain XP in the skill. Sometimes you will pass with exceptional success and gain a boost to your skill use. it is also possible to critical fail which will end your collecting attempt instantly.

Each node can only be attempted 6 times, pass or fail, then it will vanish. The best way to do this, as it is always an aerial task, is to find a perch near where you know a node spawns. Wait for it, pop your wings and right-click on the node so you fly straight to it. Grab as many harvests as you can, safely, and fly straight back to your perch to rest. Rinse, repeat.

Collection Collection 1-49
Essencetapping 1-50 55-100 105-150 155-200 205-250 255-300 305-350 355-400 405-450 455-499
Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499


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