An Emergency Mission (RoM Quest)  

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What We DO Know

Tame 5 Tusked Ice Plain Mammoths using the Bone Bugle Horn (Ggl).

The range of the horn is, basically, nil. You have to be almost nose to trunk before it works (or not) and, once it does you have to move a few steps at a time all the way back to Mosseth. You do not have to re-click the horn once he has become a Confused Tusked Ice Plain Mammoth.Walk slowly back to Mosseth and stop any time the mammoth turns to the side. Move only when he is walking directly to you. If you move at all while he is moving sideways he will break and vanish.

If the horn fails the Mammoth becomes Angered and grows much bigger. Once angered he cannot be tamed and you must kill him. Best to run up to him when he is facing away from you and blow the horn immediately.

If you are mounted, blowing the horn will NOT un-mount you, but it would be a good idea to dismount as soon as he is confused to avoid moving too fast.

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