Ancient Treasures (RoM Minigame)  

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Runes of Magic
There is an NPC in Varanas' by the mailbox in Central Plaza, named Kat Rojo (Ggl), that keys this event for you and transports you directly to the Scar of Despair Camp. Without talking to Kat Rojo (Ggl) first you cannot enter the instance. If she does not offer to transport you, it means your level is too low.

In North Sascilia Steppes there is an Investigation Team camp (called Scar of Despair Camp), just north of Gurla Caravan ( 35.6, 16.7 ), by a pool at the base of a waterfall with a single NPC, Ange Rasa (Ggl), who tells you a tale of a cave of wonders, filled with Ancient Treasures and terrible, ghostly guardians. She offers to send you inside to try to evade the ghosts and steal the treasure. She also tells you that her fellow investigator, Luke Xavi (Ggl), is inside and will give you four special abilities to use. In fact these four are the only abilities you can use, as all your class abilities are unusable inside the cave! The only other help you get is the promise of strange boxes, called a Box of Destiny. You may find one or more of these inside and they will grant you additional single-use abilities.

One more thing: You have only 10 minutes to complete the puzzle, and it takes 30 Phirius Token (Ggl)s to open the first door inside, so be prepared.

So, basically, this "game" is a type of maze or logic puzzle. The guards move back and forth, dogs too, and you have just 10 minutes to identify the patterns and move past them by avoiding or neutralizing them while gathering as many Ancient Stone Totems as you can find, lighting the 3 Elemental Candlesticks, and looting the Ancient Treasure.

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Your Four Abilities

  • Invisibility - 2 second cast time, but renders you invisible for 15 seconds.
  • Feign Death - This is one of only two skills that will actually save your bacon if you aggro a guard. You will appear to drop dead, and may stay down for up to 5 minutes. Right-click the effect icon to remove it.
  • Snipe - This can be used if under attack, but you can be interrupted. Range is short but it is a one-shot kill. 3 minute recast. BTW, dead ghost guards DO respawn, so no going back!
  • Binding Chains - Roots the target for 10 seconds. Additionally, they cannot become aggressive once bound but this does not help if they already were aggressive when you bound them.

Objects Inside

  • Cave Ghost - This ghostly barrier covers all the openings between rooms. You must use the Purifying Flame Strike to remove it. If you touch the barrier without the Flame Strike you will be ravaged by fire.
  • Purifying Candlestick - Use this to obtain Purifying Flame Strike, but it only lasts for 3 minutes.
  • Ancient Stone Totem - Use to obtain the Stone Totem Fragments that the Investigation Team needs. If you get any and fail the zone, keep them. You can use them on your next run!
  • Box of Destiny - Use it to find one of the Box of Destiny Skills listed below.
  • Elemental Candlestick - There are three of these that must be lit to remove the barrier from the central treasure chamber.
  • Transport Candle - APpears when you light the final Elemental Candlestick and will take you back outside the cave.

Box of Destiny Skills

I got one of these during my single run, so far, but cannot for the life of me remember what it was, and there is no list of them in the instructions the NPCs give you. We will make a list here as we find them. Please feel free to add any you find.


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