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Runes of Magic
See also: Transmutation for a table of runes that can be made by combining other runes.

In order to unlock the Arcane Transmutor button on your UI, you must complete the quest The Arcane Transmutor. Talk to Lehman (Ggl) in the Class Hall of the Administration District in Varanas City.

Things to Know Beforehand

  1. You need 1 charge per use of the Arcane Transmutor.
  2. Fusion Stones and Random Fusion Stones (Ggl) can be bought from spirit mages, such as Odeley Prole (Ggl) in Varanas City (southwest corner of Lower City West at 28.9,46.1). Each Fusion Stone offered will have different attributes on it.

Getting Started

In order to get to the Arcane Transmutor, you open your Backpack (press B) and click on the treasure chest icon on the bottom of the "backpack" window.

In this window is where all the upgrading will take place.


Note: This is NOT the same thing as the generic skill, Disenchanting (Ggl). Disenchanting (Ggl) simply turns trash equipment into Production Runes.

Combine 1 Fusion Stone and an equipment item (armor, weapon or accessory) and receive 1 Mana Stone (Ggl) of the same tier as the equipment or higher. The Mana Stone can then be fused with other equipment to raise the equipment's powers.

This is what you do with all the gear that drops that you have no use for!

Example: Magic Flute Wand (tier 1) (Ggl) and a Fusion Stone yields a Mana Stone Tier 1 (Ggl) with the same attributes that were on the Fusion Stone plus any attributes that were on the Magic Flute Wand (tier 1) (Ggl) up to 6.

Mana Stone Upgrade

Combine 3 mana stones of the same tier and receive a mana stone of the next higher tier. The new mana stone will inherit up to 6 attributes chosen from the original mana stones.

Mana Stone Fusion

Combine 3 mana stones of the same tier and an equipment item to upgrade the equipment item. The equipment will inherit the tier of the mana stones, and up to 6 attributes may be inherited.

If you combine 1 Purified Fusion Stone, with 1 equipment, you get 1 Mana Stone (Ggl) that's the tier level of the equipment. The core stats from the weapon are transferred to the mana stone and the equipment is destroyed. The Mana Stone receives only the core bonuses. This does NOT include bonuses from refining the equipment, nor the stats from Rune Stones that are attached, only the bonuses that were there when the piece was found. Notice the preview of the stone show at the bottom? That's what you will get.

If you have 3 mana stones, you have 2 choices:

  1. Combine 3 mana stones with 1 equipment. The 1 equipment you use will inherit ONLY 6 of the attributes (along with the tier level) from the 3 mana stones. YOU WILL GET THIS EQUIPMENT BACK WITH 6 ADDED ATTRIBUTES. ASSIGN THE RUNES BEFORE USING THE WEAPON IF RUNES ATTRIBUTES ARE DESIRED.
  2. Combine 3 mana stones of the same tier to get a mana stone of the next tier.

When the combination is right, a preview will be shown at the bottom of the Transmutor screen.


  • 1 power stone + 1 equipment = 1 mana stone with the equipment's tier level
  • 3 mana stones + 1 equipment = 1 equipment with 6 attributes for mana stones. Remember: stones and equipment have to be same tier
  • 5 mana stones of the same tier = 1 mana stone 1 tier level higher

Rune Transmutation

Combine 2 different runes of the same tier to obtain a new rune with new attributes.

All available combinations are shown on the Rune Transmutation table.

For example, combining a Resistance II and a Vitality IIwill yield a Vigor II rune.

Rune Upgrade

Combine 5 runes of the same type and tier to obtain a rune of the next tier.

For example, place a Strike I rune into each of the 5 slots and click confirm to receive a Strike II rune.

ZAM would like to thank Official Runes of Magic Forums for some of the information in this article.

This Guide was originally a post at Evil Kittens, by likwidsage, during Open Beta. The site no longer exists.

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