Arrow (RoM Item)  

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Worth: 1Gold 
Runes of Magic
Arrow Ammunition
Worth: 1 Gold
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MMO devs frequently change the exact stats on an item, over the life of a game, to improve game balance. For this reason, we no longer support inclusion of exact item stats in our wiki.

Arrows of all kinds add a Physical Damage amount to the damage of your bow to arrive at actual damage numbers. All Arrows come to you in a Quiver (Ggl) of 999 arrows (except for those from drops). The table below shows all the arrows you can use.

ArrowTierMin LevelPhysDmgWorthCost (per Quiver)
Wooden Arrow115NoSell
Tooth Arrow (Ggl)1717NoSell
Copper Arrow (Ggl)11429NoSell100
Iron Arrow (Ggl)12441
Cross Spike Arrow (Ggl)2358014000
Razor Tooth Arrow (Ggl)34210225000
Gunpowder Arrow (Ggl)349 28000

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