Avian Warders (EQ2)  

Beastlord Warders

Heal Buff DoT DD
Offensive Fae
High Elf
  • Group Heal: Sky's Restoration
  • Limited Duration Group Buff: Bird's Eye
  • Encounter DD: Swarming Dive
  • Encounter DoT: Vicious Talons

What to Tame

Disclaimer: Not every mob on the database lists can be tamed. We have linked them as a guideline of what to look for.

  • Hawks/Falcons
  • Vulriches
  • a Duck - Mallard Phimore who is a rare, scaled to level triggered spawn at -589, 174, 1072 within Gnomeland Security Headquarters, Steamfont Mountains
    • Since Beastlords have gone live we've had reports that Mallard Phimore always spawns as a level 90^^ mob. We're unsure if this is due to level 90s constantly triggering him or if he was changed to simply be a level 90 mob after beta.

ZAM would like to thank Whilhelmina for some of the information in this article.

December 6, 2011

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