Blizzcon 2008 Interviews - Interview with Brian "Wordaen" Kincaid  

"Twas the night before BlizzCon and all through the estate; not a creature was stirring -- except for Tamat, and his first mate. The cellphones and laptops were charging in outlets I swear, in hopes that Leeroy Jenkins soon would be there. The ZAM staff was nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of exclusive content danced in their heads".

...Yeah alright, I think I'm going to stick to my day job. I'm not a poet and I clearly know it. With less than a day before the official start of BlizzCon 2008 I thought it would be a great time to interview our very own Brian "Wordaen" Kincaid being that its his first time at BlizzCon. He makes it quite clear in the interview that he's long time fan of Blizzard and their successful titles.

Tamat - Hello Wordaen! It's the day before BlizzCon; are you excited?

Wordaen - Extremely! Being a long time gamer, this is a great chance to meet and interact with the minds that brought us the Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft franchises.

Tamat - Obviously World of Warcraft is going to be your primary focus at BlizzCon. Which parts of WotLK are you most eager to cover?

Wordaen - Well, we have had a huge amount of information about the new class and zones. While the new zones are fascinating and are sure to be even better than the previous expansion, what I am really looking forward to is seeing how the dual talent spec will be implemented. They have been hinting at it so I will be looking to see if they can get it in and workable.

Tamat - What about Diablo III and StarCraft II? Have you always been a fan of those genres?

Wordaen - You know, Diablo was actually one of my first real RPG games. Diablo II gave me a whole new direction in the genre and I still play it to this day. When I heard that they were working on Diablo III and Starcraft II, I reinstalled the original games. Even now, 8 years after the first time I played them, they are still just as engrossing and just as fun as the first day I brought them home.

Tamat - I think Diablo holds a special place in most gamers hearts. It was the first time I had ever played anything that had a real online community and it's always funny to hear how many gamers share the same connection of the original Diablo.

Wordaen - I'd have to agree. For a lot of us, it offers a unique opportunity to leave all that we know behind and become something greater than ourselves.

Tamat - Unique? No way! I fight in demon infested catacombs all the time.

Tamat - Is there anyone in particular from Blizzard or the Community that you're hoping to meet?

Wordaen - I have only been a part of the Allakhazam team for a little over a year so I have not had the opportunity to interact with a lot of the Blizzard staff, but of the folks I have talked to thus far, I would love to meet the team that handles Dungeon design to learn more about how they create these environments for us. Not only that, but I am really hoping some of our very own forum posters will be there as well. I have talked with these people online so long, I'd love to actually meet some of them.

Tamat - Bah! Certainly there is someone from the Community then? No one????

Wordaen - Haha, actually, I have spoken many times to Danielle Vanderlip and I would love to put a face to the name. She and her team have been very forthcoming with my staff here at Allakhazam.

Tamat - Are there any panels in particular that you're most excited about?

Wordaen - Funny that you should ask me that question. Since I am so interested in their dungeon design strategy, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there will be a panel on that very thing. Not only that but to have them showcase up and coming dungeons is simply icing on the cake for me.

Tamat - Last question! Have you come up with any creative ideas to impress the booth babes yet?

Wordaen - Hmm, I actually hadn't considered this aspect of Blizzcon. I think the fact that I will not be dressed as a Tauren or an Undead will be enough of a start, the rest I am sure I will think of when the time comes. You'll just have to wait and see what mischief I get up to!

Tamat - *Laughs* Alright Brian, go get some sleep; we're both going to need it for tomorrow! :)

Wordaen - I don't think I've EVER seen this many gamers all in one place. Must be a stockpile of Mountain Dew and Jolt around here someplace...


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