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City of Steam
Quest Types
See also: Stance, [Daily] Bounty Hunter for an extra Bounty Medal

Bounty Quests were introduced with patch 2.7.1 on 7/22/2014. They do not actually create a Quest entry in your Journal, appearing only on the Bounty Quests UI, so this page will stand for all the available bounties.

Speak to the NPC (currently unnamed) on the Event platform in Arkadia. His UI will display four available bounties. You can refresh his list once per day for free, and you can complete eight bounties per day.

All bounties reward some Shillings, at least one Immortal Health Quaff (50k HoT), and some Energy Stones (to improve up your Stance). Some will also reward a Bounty Medal (for the Bounty Hunter collection).

You may only accept ONE bounty at a time. Having accepted a Bounty, you may complete it instantly (for some Electrum of course) or Enter the dungeon. Complete the objective to complete the bounty. Some dungeons have mobs that can Summon or Transform other mobs. These include Skeleton Necromagus' or Chittle eggs. These mobs will make it appear that you finished the objective early but you actually killed 100% of the number of mobs that were in the zone when you started.

Every 30 minutes the bounties available to you will refresh on their own, so you cannot count on that Extraordinary or Magnificent bounty that you saw being there after you complete an easier one. This also means that if you have already Refreshed for Free but cannot complete the bounties you are offered, just wait a half hour and see if you like those better. Once per day you can Refresh for Free to see four different Bounties. Additional refreshes cost 20Electrum ($0.19)  and Bound Electrum cannot be used.

If you are unable to complete the bounty you accepted, you may Abort the Bounty Quest. This will let you choose one of the remaining bounties but marks the one you aborted as unavailable.

Level of common mobs, as well as the boss, appears to scale with the player. At level 60 all of the mobs will also be level 60.

QualityRewardsZone/Bounty NameCommon Mobs RaceBoss
Immortal Health Quaff
Energy Stone x3
CharnelfieldOrogs and ThugsOrog Guardian
The DeepworksZombiesFamine
The Near ScraphillsGrindersSerrvax, the Mastermind
The Matriarch ChamberTrowTrow Matriarch
Immortal Health Quaff x2
Energy Stone x5
Culverin RoadChittlesTombcrawler
Floating IslandMechanthropes and CephamawsRevulsor
Harbor ArchivesRisenRisen Ascendant
The Red MineOmega Brood Omega Brood Sloth
Immortal Health Quaff x3
Energy Stone x10
Cabal HideoutGangstersStrong-Arm
Kalinor's RestAncestors and SkeletonsAncestral Guardian
The Sunken RemnantsSkeletonsSkeleton Necromagus
The Trow BlossomingTrowTrow Dryad
ExtraordinaryBounty Medal
Immortal Health Quaff x4
Energy Stone x15
The Cooling CenterTriggershadesTriggershade Spawn Lord
RailyardInsectsShellak the Pincer
The Raised RemnantsMechanthropesPsillek Hasperat
Spireward VentClockroachesIncubator
MagnificentBounty Medal x3
Immortal Health Quaff x5
Energy Stone x20
Aldwatch Mythspike TowerBroodSongbreaker
The AquiferRazorfinsGreen Marshgulper
Bloody BoulevardOrbolgsLithosaur
The Upper BilgeRatlingsRagefroth

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