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Cargo Delivery
Cargo Delivery
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City of Steam
Cargo Delivery becomes available when you reach Level 30 and can be entered from anywhere. This challenge is very similar to the Asynchronous PvP of the PvP Arena.

All Cargo Delivery rewards are delivered via in-game mail.

IF you have your browser or microclient set as narrow as you can and still see the full width of the normal game screen, you will not see all of the Cargo Delivery screen!!! It is MUCH wider than the rest of the game! Stretch your screen until you can see both of the swirling vortices on the sides.


In this part you are attacking the cargo carriers of other players. You and the avatar of another player are alone on the ships deck. Other than the change in scene, treat it as PvP.

Win or lose, there is a 10 minute cooldown before you can attack another (which may be reduced by spending Electrum). No single ship may be intercepted more than twice. This is not just you, but everyone else playing as well so you may have to search for a ship to attack.

Click on a ship to board it and fight it's captain. If the captain is too many levels below your own, you will get significantly less shillings than listed. Of course, the opposite is true as well. Going after the big dog offers commensurate rewards. The shilling values in the table, below, assume both attacker and opponent are at level 60.

Corvette2012000Shilling 12020Metal x2
Frigate3018000Shilling 18030Metal x4
Destroyer5030000Shilling 30050Alloy x2
Cruiser10060000Shilling 600100Alloy x3
Carrier200120000Shilling 1200200Level 1 Mod Box x2


Click "Deliver Cargo" (red button at the bottom of the Cargo Delivery screen) to open this box. "Refresh" (no charge for the first one) to randomly select your ship. If you do not like the ship you get you can Refresh again (for a price on a sliding scale starting at 20Electrum ($0.19) ) or go directly to Carrier for 399Electrum ($3.87) . Then, click "Begin Delivery" to begin your run from the left side of the screen to the right side. There is no corollary between the type or height of a ship and the level of the player captaining it. Nor is there any way for you to actually help defend your ship.

The higher grade your ship, the better the rewards for on-time delivery but the longer it takes to traverse the route and the higher chance it will be targeted for interception by "pirates" (other players). Whether you are intercepted once, twice, or not at all, you still get a reward for delivery. The amount of the reward will be reduced by the amount "stolen" by the pirates.

Corvette20:0010043000Shilling 600100Metal x10
Frigate25:0015064500Shilling 900150Metal x20
Destroyer30:00250107500Shilling 1500250Alloy x10
Cruiser35:00500295000Shilling 3000500Alloy x15
Carrier40:001000430000Shilling 60001000Level 1 Mod Box x10
  • Patch 2.4.2 significantly increased the Delivery rewards.
  • Patch 2.7.2 added the Electrum price to choose Carrier.

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