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Faction Allied Free Sentients
Planets Foreas

A wealthy engineer, inventor, and naturalist named Alan Corman purchased an ancient stone tablet of extraterrestrial origin at a marketplace in Morroco. This occurred in the late 1970s, well before Earth's destruction.

This mysterious artifact ignited in Corman a lifelong obsession with its origins. As a collector, Corman massed the largest assembly of Eloh artifacts in the world and funded a private institute to study them.

Somehow, Corman discovered that there was an alien ship stored at Groom Lake. During a rare transfer, one in which the ship was destined for a remote base in Montana, Corman and a group of trusted associates attempted to steal the vessel. Though this covert team devised a plan to avoid bloodshed, much went wrong and three government agents were killed.

The Corman group took the stolen ship to its own facility and discovered that it was still operational. Government operatives traced the ship's power signature to Corman's hidden compound, and they soon assaulted it. Not fully understanding how to operate the ship, the Cormans experimented with the controls until they activated a preset function that launched the vessel, delivering them from Earth before being captured or killed.

ZAM Network
The ship's automated piloting system took Corman and his group to its final landing site, the planet Foreas. Aided by the local Foreans, Corman and his group vowed to continue their peaceful research, and they adopted some of the Foreans' natural customs. The Cormans, as all members of the group are now known, abstain from violence, thrive on research, and are more wary of human AFS troops than they are of their Forean allies.

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