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Runes of Magic
Quest Types
Daily Quests may be repeated, up to a limit of 10 total Daily Quests per day. You may purchase a Daily Quest Ticket to reset the count, allowing you to 10 more. This may be repeated infinitely.

Important Notes

You can turn in a Daily as the lower of your classes so long as you are within 5 or so levels of the minimum level to receive the quest. When you are questing in a zone you will get lots of Daily Quest items, but with the questing XP you really don't need to use them, so bank them until you switch to work on a lower class. By the time you get to your third class you are gonna start running out of quests and Dailies become very important!

When you receive a Daily quest, if you have any items for that quest in the bank you will get a notice on screen. So, when you go through the Dailies on your other classes you will know that you have stuff in the bank to use for it! This way you still get to use them but don't have to carry them around in your inventory.

Harf Trading Post in Ystra Highlands is a great place to use the technique, as it has a House Made in the town as well as all the turn-in NPCs. Go to the Bulletin Board as your higher class, get all the quests, then go to the House Maid, switch to the lower class and turn them all in. Rinse, repeat. Here in Harf most of the quests start at 30 and you cannot turn them in if your primary class is less than 25.

Needs Quest Name Quest Starter Zone Minimum Level
Kalod's Tongue x1Wanted: The Ravenous KalodLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains7
Demon Spider's Tooth x1Wanted: Pirlanok ServantLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains7
Boar Tusk x5Collect Boar TusksLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains8
Complete Beetle Wing Membrane x5 (Ggl)Alchemy TroubleLabioElven Island4
Cleanse the Young Newt FoodHelping Them GrowBlinsikElven Island4
Give seeds to three EntsSave Plant SeedsValley of Preparation Bulletin BoardElven Island4
Find the missing booksWhere the Hell are They?Valley of Preparation Bulletin BoardElven Island4
Driftwood x10 (Ggl)Transcendence BeachValley of Preparation Bulletin BoardElven Island4
Kill 10 Spore MagesSpore Mage's PeculiarityValley of Preparation Bulletin BoardElven Island6
Butterfly Love x5 (Ggl) and Timid Vine x5 (Ggl)Special FlowersValley of Preparation Bulletin BoardElven Island7
Find the missing Herb Bag (Ggl)Those Bears Again!Valley of Preparation Bulletin BoardElven Island8
Ancient Iguana Tail x15Ancient Magical MedicineObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Ancient Rune Stone Energy Core x10Energy CoresExpedition Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes13
Ancient Stone Slabs x10An Ancient InheritanceVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring17
Anteater Scale x10Enduring ArmorSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley20
Shaggy Bear Claw x5Animal ControlSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley26
Beautiful Fur x10Lovely LeathersKulapik CybonWeeping Coast49
Beetle Legs x10Beetle LegsVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring8
Black Boar Bristles x10Stable RequestVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring9
Blood of Constant Change x15Heat-Powered Battle DrugObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Boar Tusk x6Weird Wild BoarSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley24
Broken Spirit Element x10Supplementary Research MaterialSai KasrateYstra Labyrinth33
Cactus Flower x15Cactus FlowerObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Cactus Fruit x15Cactus FruitObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Cactus Thorn x15Cactus ThornObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Changing Stone Rubbing x15Ancient Stone TabletAyren Camp Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes9
Colorful Feather x10Wings to FlyDaily Quest ManagerWeeping Coast49
Complete Dark Core x10Complimentary Property: DarknessJilo AntaYstra Labyrinth41
Complete Hawk Feather x10Art MaterialsAshlar Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes14
Complete Sand Scorpion Shell x10Hard on the Outside, Soft on the InsideAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell46
Crystal Sample x3Should be LiquidJilo AntaYstra Labyrinth43
Cyclops Horn x15The Cyclops MenaceHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands32
Damaged Tool x10Stolen ToolsLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains7
Deadman's Remains x5Guard ControlLolin CaffeyYstra Labyrinth37
Delicious Fish x10Hardworking Sous ChefDaily Quest ManagerWeeping Coast49
Demon Vine Seed x10Demon VineSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley24
Elementally Charged Scale x25Highly Efficient InvestmentObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Emerald Scalok Scale x10Beautify ArtAshlar Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes15
Ent's Dead Branch x10Ent's Dead BranchesSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley20
Essence of a Gentle Breeze x5Powerless>Femini's SpiritRavenfell47
Fat Worm x10Is It So Tasty?Abandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell45
Fin Scale x10When Vengeance is the Only RoadDajen LegeWeeping Coast49
Fire Red Crystal x10Start A FireDalina TeloYstra Labyrinth42
Foul Dragonfly Wing x20Protecting FunObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Fresh Crab Leg x10Tasty CuisineDaily Quest ManagerWeeping Coast49
Frog Leg x10Another Type of Meat!Silverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley20
Frost Dragon Scale x10Product DevelopmentKadmos Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge31
Frost Energy Block x10Ice Delivery!Koke PalsiYstra Labyrinth40
Gazelle Thigh x12Bargain PurchaseReifort Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes1
Gel Powder x10Shana's Sweet SpotKadmos Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge30
Giant Wolf Claw x10Giant Wolf PawsKulapik CybonWeeping Coast50
Giant Wolf's Hair Follicle x10The Origin of the Bizarre ScentKadmos Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge30
Gnoll Bracelet x10Special BraceletsAurum SpyroDragonfang Ridge25
Gnoll Necklace x10Mysterious NecklacesAurum SpyroDragonfang Ridge26
Gnoll Stone x10Gnoll's StonesAurum SpyroDragonfang Ridge28
Graceful Vulture Stomach x10Equipment CleanerAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell46
Green Mud x10Trade RelationsDaily Quest ManagerWeeping Coast48
Grizzly Paw x10Bear Paw StewLyk Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge20
Hard Leather Armor x10Supply Officer's AngstLokin KajadWeeping Coast49
Harpy Claw x30Smuggling BusinessmanObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
High Quality Antler x10Strong MedicineHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands29
Ice Beast Pearl x10Valuable PearlsAurum SpyroDragonfang Ridge21
Ice-cold Body Fluid x10Winter Spider SpecimenHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands35
Intact Dragonfly Wing x10Artistic DecorationAshlar Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes16
Intact Treasure Hunter Skull x10More HeadsHylun LeardYstra Labyrinth30
Kal Turok King Head x20A NightmareObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon43
Lethal Injection x10Selling Like Hot CakesRomik SaimunWeeping Coast48
Leeching Bat Saliva x9Bat SalivaVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring14
Light Energy Crystal x10Complimentary Property: LightJilo AntaYstra Labyrinth41
Lizard's Vocal Sac x10Peculiar Eating HabitsAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell46
Lucky Charm x10The Amulet of FortuneAurum SpyroDragonfang Ridge23
Meat of Earth Shell Crabs x10Unforgettably DeliciousAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell47
Minotaur Ornament x10Minotaur TrinketsHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands33
Mushroom Fiber Sample x6Continuing ResearchSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley18
Mushroom Stem x10Need More Fungus StemsPioneers Colony Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains1
Nameless Gem x10Treasure Hunter's TreasureWaton RaydurYstra Labyrinth30
Order of Dark Glory Steel Emblem x10Death CountShirley HigginsYstra Labyrinth36
Ostrich Tail Feathers x12Bird Feather JewelryVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring16
Ostrich Tailbone Meat x10Chef's WorriesVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring17
Plauge-Infested Tooth x10Disease CureVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring10
Puppet Crystal Powder x100Tiny Control EquipmentJiner BigheadYstra Labyrinth37
Quality Hindquarter x15High Quality Meat StewObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon42
Rubbish of a Creek Valley Dwarf x8Material GatheringSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley19
Sack x10Bunga BeastologyKulapik CybonWeeping Coast50
Sea of Snow Supply x1Supplying the Sea of SnowHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands31
Scattered Supplym x10Supplying Winternight ValleyHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands32
Scealok's Sticky Skin Secretion x10Cosmetic MaterialsAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell46
Scorpion Tail Spine x15ScorpionObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Shabby Kobold Shoe x8Shabby ShoesVaranas Bulletin BoardSilverspring8
Shaggy Bear Paw x5Animal ControlSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley26
Sharp Bear Claws x5Sharp Bear ClawLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains8
Sharp Fang x10Handicraft SuppliesDaily Quest ManagerWeeping Coast49
Sharp Horn x10A Horn's UsesKadmos Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge31
Sifted Ore x5Report after reportSilverfall Bulletin BoardAslan Valley21
Skeleton x10A Difficult MissionOsha KeluoWeeping Coast50
Smelly Offal x10Fresh BaitMent MilonWeeping Coast49
Smooth Newt Skin x8Preservation ActRose Caravan Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes5
Soft Fox Pelt x15Fur TradeHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands33
Spider Venom x5Spider VenomLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains5
Stored Ore Crystal x15Never Too Late to MendObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Straw Collected by Chelons x5Pirate SuperstitionAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell47
Supply x10Fighting Fire with FireGlinsdon PylongWeeping Coast49
Things Stolen by Pirates x10Steal AnythingAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell46
Tifka's Magical Essence x1Wated: Lost Soul of TifkaLogar Bulletin BoardHowling Mountains7
Unstable Spirit Element x1Secret AidFra GreyYstra Labyrinth37
Valley Rock Scorpion Armor x15Lack of FuelObsidian Stronghold Bulletin BoardDust Devil Canyon40
Venom Sample x3Special Venom SampleDalina TeloYstra Labyrinth43
Vitality Bird Pinion x10Refreshing the MindExpedition Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes13
Warm and Fuzzy Bear Fur x10Revive the Economy!Kadmos Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge31
Wasteland Hyena Bone x10Folk Medicine PrescriptionAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell45
Wave Flower x10Silent ConcernAbandoned Fortress Bulletin BoardRavenfell45
Wetland Poison Frog Gall Bladder x10The Business of PoisonReifort Bulletin BoardSascilia Steppes3
Wild Berhu Meat x10Abundant IngredientsHarf Trading Post Bulletin BoardYstra Highlands32
Wild Boar's Tusk x10Tusk ResearchLyk Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge19
Wind Fragment x10Complex PuzzleTiwo SabyaYstra Labyrinth43
Young Snowfox Tail x10Warm ClothingLyk Bulletin BoardDragonfang Ridge21
Beautiful Fur x10Lovely LeathersKulapik CybonWeeping Coast?
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ZAM would like to thank The RoM Wiki for initial information and table layout.

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