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Runes of Magic
Extraction (Refining)
InstructorsTools • Recipes

To use your Extraction skill, you must be near Alchemy Tools.

The basic formula for all Extraction is the same:

  • 2 Herb makes a Bundle
  • 4 Bundles makes a Sap
  • 8 Herb makes a Sap (alternate recipe)
  • 6 Saps makes an Extract

Extraction recipes can be purchased from any Herbalism Instructor.

Resource NodesProducts
1Mountain Demon Grass
Mountain Demon Grass -> Mountain Demon Grass Bundle -> Mountain Demon Grass Sap -> Mountain Demon Grass Extract (Ggl)
Rosemary -> Rosemary Bundle -> Rosemary Sap -> Rosemary Extract (Ggl)
8Red BeetRed Beet (Ggl) -> Red Beet Bundle (Ggl) -> Red Beet Sap -> Red Beet Extract (Ggl)
11Bison GrassBison Grass (Ggl) -> Bison Grass Bundle (Ggl) -> Bison Grass Sap (Ggl) -> Bison Grass Extract (Ggl)
14BitterleafBitterleaf (Ggl) -> Bitterleaf Bundle (Ggl) -> Bitterleaf Sap (Ggl) -> Bitterleaf Extract (Ggl)
20MoxaMoxa (Ggl) -> Moxa Bundle (Ggl) -> Moxa Sap -> Moxa Extract (Ggl)
21Foloin NutFoloin Nut (Ggl) -> Foloin Nut Bundle (Ggl) -> Foloin Nut Sap (Ggl) -> Foloin Nut Extract (Ggl)
26Dusk OrchidDusk Orchid (Ggl) -> Dusk Orchid Bundle (Ggl) -> Dusk Orchid Sap (Ggl) -> Dusk Orchid Extract (Ggl)
31Green ThistleGreen Thistle (Ggl) -> Green Thistle Bundle (Ggl) -> Green Thistle Sap (Ggl) -> Green Thistle Extract (Ggl)
32BarsaleafBarsaleaf -> Barsaleaf Bundle -> Barsaleaf Sap -> Barsaleaf Extract (Ggl)
38Moon OrchidMoon Orchid (Ggl) -> Moon Orchid Bundle (Ggl) -> Moon Orchid Sap (Ggl) -> Moon Orchid Extract (Ggl)
41Straw MushroomStraw Mushroom (Ggl) -> Straw Mushroom Bundle (Ggl) -> Straw Mushroom Sap (Ggl) -> Straw Mushroom Extract (Ggl)
44Sinners PalmSinners Palm (Ggl) -> Sinners Palm Bundle (Ggl) -> Sinners Palm Sap (Ggl) -> Sinners Palm Extract (Ggl)
50Dragon MallowDragon Mallow (Ggl) -> Dragon Mallow Bundle (Ggl) -> Dragon Mallow Sap (Ggl) -> Dragon Mallow Extract (Ggl)
51Mirror SedgeMirror Sedge (Ggl) -> Mirror Sedge Bundle (Ggl) -> Mirror Sedge Sap (Ggl) -> Mirror Sedge Extract (Ggl)

Elite Skill Training Certificates

To make these, you will need 24 Herbs for each Certificate, for each class. Be sure you put these in the bank as you make them!

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