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Earn Reputation (and one Faction Token for each point of Reputation) by completing Contracts (starting at EGO Rating of 175+). You can spend Faction Tokens at a Faction Vendor to get uncommon (green), rare (blue) and epic (purple) weapons and Synergy Mod Caches.

Each tier of Reputation that you complete with a faction increases your Status with that faction. As far as we can see, your Status has no affect on gameplay except as it applies to completion of certain Pursuits.

  • Unknown: 0 - 99
  • Familiar: 100 - 299
  • Reliable: 300 - 599
  • ?: 600 - ?

By doing every available Contract, Daily and Weekly, for a Faction every week you can gain at least 100 Reputation per week. Partial completion yields partial rewards so do as much as you can every day and week.

See Contracts for information on gaining Reputation.

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Spending Reputation (Faction Tokens)

You can think of Tokens as Spendable Faction Points and Reputation as Total Faction Points. Say you are at 150 Rep with Top-Notch Toolworks and you spend 100. Your Status still says Familiar, points to reach next Status still says 300, but the progress bar says you only have 50 Reputation. That 50 is how many points you have to spend available to you but your total faction is still 150 (which is displayed nowhere). You still have only 150 left to go to reach Reliable status (300).

FactionVendor LocationMod SynergyWeapon Synergies
Von Bach IndustriesShandu's Consulate in MaderaEGO PrecisionEGO Precision, Nano-mastery
Soleptor EnterprisesThe Crater in MarinScavengerScavenger, Nano-Executioner
Top-Notch ToolworksTop-Notch Toolsworks in MarinPreparedPrepared, Hard-boiled
Paradise TerritoryThe Docks in MarinnoneSawbones
EchelonMuir Processing Plant in MarinnonePrepared, Wrecker, Hard-boiled
Thorn LiroDiablo Station in SausalitononeQuartermaster


Most factions sell only one Synergy Mod Cache which gives a random mod for a specific Synergy. All factions sell uncommon (green), rare (blue) and epic (purple) weapons but only the epic ones will have Synergy. Some of those will be of the same Synergy that they sell mods for but many won't.

For the rest, you have to complete Side Missions, Rampages, and Hotshots to get Mod Caches and prey you get one of the Synergy, Weapon Type and Mod Type that you need. If not, trade with clan-mates and other players for them.

See Synergy for more information on this.

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