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City of Steam
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City of Steam
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When you reach level 12 all mobs, chests, boxes and barrels will gain a chance to drop Grade 1 Mods, even in the dungeons surrounding The Refuge.

Each item has 3 possible mods it can accept (randomly assigned when you receive the item) and all items have 3 sockets regardless of item level or quality.

When looking at an item mouseover, mod effects listed in grey are open and unused, while gold indicates a socketed mod.

Blank Mods come in all 10 grades but cannot be purchased from the Electrum Shop. They do sometimes appear in the Mystery Shop but come mostly from rewards, such as the Consumption Reward for spending 9900Electrum  which gives you a Grade 5 Blank Mod. A Blank Mod can be substituted for one any-shape mod of the three you need to merge mods. The Grade needs to match and you cannot use 2 blanks in the same Merge.

Note: Each increase in grade is double or less the value of the previous grade. Since it takes three mods to merge each merge is actually losing value. For this reason, it is very important to keep every mod socket filled before you start merging mods if you want to maximize Power.

Mods Itemset
Set Bonuses
Mod ShapeEquip TypeStat BonusesGrades
Merge Now price in Electrum (buy 3)n/a2256752025not available
Triangle Mod1h WeaponBase Damage2040801302003004508001200
2h WeaponBase Damage2040801302003004508001200
ShieldResilience2448 96 1562403605409601440
AccessoryPrecision2448 96 1562403605409601440
Diamond Mod1h WeaponImpact204080130 2003004508001200
2h WeaponImpact204080130 2003004508001200
AccessoryBase Damage2040801302003004508001200
Square Mod1h WeaponCritical204080 1302003004508001200
2h WeaponCritical204080 1302003004508001200
ShieldArmor204080 1302003004508001200
ArmorDodge204080 1302003004508001200
AccessoryImpact2040 80 1302003004508001200
Pentagon Mod1h WeaponPrecision2448 96 1562403605409601440
2h WeaponPrecision2448961562403605409601440
Hexagon Mod1h WeaponHit2448961562403605409601440
2h WeaponHit2448961562403605409601440
ShieldHealth4008001600 26004000600090001600024000
† At this time, mod purchase with Spiremarks is not enabled although the UI clearly shows it is intended for use.

See Stats for information on the effect of each Stat Bonus.

Yes, we have many gaps in this table, but I am filling them as fast as I can. Feel free to Edit this page and help me!

Thanks to Daytorax for info on ranks 5, 6 & 7.

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