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These are all player-written guides on the art of raiding.

Everquest II raiding is one of the most compelling areas of the game. Raid based encounters are the most difficult encounters available to the player base. In the most common case these encounters require 24 players working together to defeat very tough specialized instances and foes. Raids are categorized into three major designations x2 x3 and x4 encounters. The x# tells us the number of groups recommended for each encounter. The challenges that raiding offers come on multiple levels and are very rewarding to those that are motivated by extreme challenge.

The challenges raiding offers are not merely limited to in game encounter difficulty. Much of the challenge, on the raiding circuit comes from the immense amount of planning and coordination needed to get your band of stalwart adventurers well trained, geared, and together to defeat the toughest foes in the game. The strategic and tactical planning needed is yet another facet of this area of the game and SOE has consistently raised the bar to keep the player base enguaged, so much so that many of the competitive raiding guilds have had to create a new role in the leadership circle "The Strategist"

With all of the challenge and planning that goes into raiding most players only engage in raiding on a part time basis. There is a active community that have been deemed "Hard Core Raiders" that immerse themselves in the raiding scene and are very dedicated to defeating the content developed by SOE. The experiece of defeating these encounters is unique and very rewarding.

"Speaking from experience being one of the folks that have been a "Hard Core" or as I like to refer to myself a "Compedative Raider" since the early days of EQ I, fighting the likes of Lady Vox and Nagafen. There is no experience that is comparable to when you assemble the right team, work together to gear up and practice. Hammer out the perfect strategy and finally beat a very tough raid encounter."

- Lord Malachi The Strategist | MMO-Strategist | Ghosts of the Jaggedpine

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