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Atlantica Online
There are three kinds of Skills in Atlantica Online: Crafting, Magic and Life Skills. Press Alt-K or go to My Info > Skills to open a window that displays all the skills you can get.You start the game with all skills at 0.


Every single Item Type in Atlantica has it's own crafting skill! There are 2 ways of learning a crafting skill:

  • Go to the community tab and click on Artisans. In the drop-down box choose what crafting skill you would like to learn. Below that a list of players that have the ability to teach others that skill will be list. Click on a player and then message or whisper them asking if they can teach you the skill. (A lot of times the players will be afk)

  • You must find a trainer wandering around the world and pay them to raise your skill to 1. Highlighting a specific skill will also tell you the name of the trainer but not where to find him. (You can see a picture of the trainer in the NPC section of the in-game guide. Just make sure to set the type as Craft)
    • Below is a list of trainers that can teach a crafting skill.

To craft an item, go to My Info > Skills and choose the skill, then pick a recipe. Make sure you have the materials and click Craft. Now you have to go out and fight mobs to put Workload points into the crafting. When the points you acquire reaches the Workload cost you have completed the crafting task. When crafting, your earned Workload points do not go to your guild.

SkillTrainerLocation (Coordinates)Notes
AccessoryNitotAlways on the move.
ActionChaplinAlways on the move.
ArmorWu TuguAlways on the move.
Cai LunSouth of Sea Palace EntranceUp to level 10
Gum Hwal LiNorthwest of CalcuttaUp to level 10
ArrowJebeAlways on the move.
AxeTurgesiusAlways on the move.
GanjangNorthwest of CalcuttaUp to level 10
BookShakespeareNear the Gate in Rome
BowWilliam TellAlways on the move.
GanjangNorthwest of CalcuttaUp to level 10
BuildingGaudiAlways on the move.
BulletSchmeisserAlways on the move.
CannonChoi Moo SunAlways on the move.
GanjangNorthwest of CalcuttaUp to level 10
CannonballLee Jang SunAlways on the move.
CharmBi Hyung RangAlways on the move.
CrystalParacelsusAlways on the move.
FishingKang Tae GongHainan Island
FoodPierreAlways on the move.
Cai LunSouth of Sea Palace EntranceUp to level 10
MedicineHua TuoBeijing
Cai LunSouth of Sea Palace entranceUp to level 10


Magic skills are given to you automatically or may be learned (or upgraded) by reading a book (from a Commodity Box).

Using Magic Skills
You can use the first basic skill by right-clicking on an enemy in battle.

You can also use the shortcut keys (Q, W, E, R, T), or by clicking the magic skill's icons located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, to cast a magic.
Types of Magic Skills
There are 2 types of Magic Skills:
  • Passive - Automatically activated when the condition is met.
    • (Skills such as Toxic Sword, Concentrate, and mana Shield are Passive Magic.)

  • Active - A player must manually cast this magic.
    • (This includes all magic skills other than Passive Magic.)

Life Skills

In most games, these would be referred to as the Gathering skills. They are Insight, Gardening, Mining, Harvesting and Lumbering.

SkillTrainerLocation (Coordinates)Notes
InsightCharles SightMy Home Bazaar in Rome
GardeningWendy HerbMy Home Bazaar in Rome
MiningPaul MinerMy Home Bazaar in Rome
HarvestingJaiden HarvestMy Home Bazaar in Rome
LumberingJack LumbermanMy Home Bazaar in Rome

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