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Most Places in Zork will have a Sub-Location (like a dungeon, a castle or a lair) that can be explored. Before you can explore it you have to discover it, but once discovered the Sub-Location will remain available to you when you return to that Place until you have explored it 20 times. After 20 explorations you will never find it again.

Unlike Places, the level at which you enter a Sub-Location is random, within the stated level range, and you do not get the option to change it after each fight. The only way to change the level is to exit to the Place, then back into the Sub-Location and hope you get an easier level. This does not cost an AP so you can do it over and over until you are happy with the level.

You can also use Return to Base and Last Exploration to reset the level, but this will cost you an AP unless you have a Aimfiz Amulet.

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