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Runes of Magic
Chapter 2: The Elven Prophecy is the first major expansion for Runes of Magic.

On September 15th, 2009, "Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy" led players into new game regions characterized by elfish lore like an elven island at the shore of Ravenfell.

After having lived in secrecy for ages, the elves are surrounded by an aura of mystery and aloofness. Nevertheless they are considered as one of Taborea's oldest peoples. Because of their particular affinity with nature, the elves are mostly to be found in the remote and undisturbed areas of Taborea's large forests. Members of the elven people are characterized by an extraordinary intelligence and dexterity. Their metal-working skills are on a par with those of the dwarves, whereas their style is much more filigree.

The design of elvish weapons is of great elegance, almost fragility. But in the hands of an elvish fighter, they reveal an impressive effectiveness. A decisive influence on the effects of the elvish weapons derives from their owner's purity and affinity with nature. Because of their aesthetic value, the renowned elvish long swords and longbows are of great attractiveness for humans, too. But only the elves themselves possess the mental skills necessary to handle such elegant weapons.

Yore, the elvish kingdom, is located in the area of the present Aslan Valley. Therefore the valley is also known as ‘The Origin'. The elven kingdom was shattered in the time of the primeval war against the demons. After an oracle prophecy, a part of the elven people abandoned the area under Prince Isnasil to keep clear of the conflict.

A second faction under King Antaikolon entered the combat. To avoid such confrontations in the future, the elven King had a magical wall erected in the aftermath to hold back the evil Naga people being allied with the demons. By inserting the holy elven sword Arclight into the wall, he rendered it impassible.

Since that time, the descendants of the elven fighters around Antaikolon served as guardians and paladins of the holy sword 'Arclight', dedicating themselves to the improvement of their martial arts. When the elven prince Sig'aylas removed the holy sword 'Arclight' from the wall hundreds of years later to defend his human truelove, the wall perished and the naga threat flared up once again.

With "Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy" for Runes of Magic, the Elves have entered the game world of Taborea.[1]


This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

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