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Arms1H Sword, Dagger, 1H Axe, 2H Sword, 2H Staff, 2H Axe
ArmorRobes, Cloth, Leather, Chain
Skills:  General    Class    Elite  

This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Guardians of the Forest Wardens serve as protectors of the natural world. In times of peace, they ensure that all abide by the tenets that preserve the forests of Taborea, the Elves’ ancestral homeland.

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The Wardens are the combat elite among the Elves. Years of training with the most diverse weapons means that they mature into becoming their people’s greatest warriors. However, it’s not only to be seen when they stand in the foremost lines of battle, blades drawn, clad in mail and leather. Their real uniqueness shows itself in their various companions.

Thanks to their unique symbiosis with nature, the Wardens are able to summon powerful creatures from nature to make every enemy freeze in terror.


The Warden is an outstanding close combatant. He has the most diverse weapons at his disposal and he is masterful in their use. The ability to wear chain armour also affords him the necessary protection to emerge victorious from battle.

But he doesn’t only have weapons at his disposal; he is also able to draw on an arsenal of richly varied magical abilities. They serve mainly to weaken an opponent and to strengthen themselves.

His true strengths are played out, however, in conjunction with one of his three faithful companions whom he can command in combat. The two together are a virtually insuperable team which can also effortlessly take on several adversaries. The companion having the ability to go up against several enemies, keeping these occupied while the Warden himself swiftly and effortlessly subjugates his target.

Warden as a Secondary Class

Choosing a warden as a secondary class will give your main class access to additional melee combat skills as well as bonuses to physical attack power and accuracy.

Following information is from in-game...
Wardens are seen as protectors whom the divine envoy of plants chose to uphold his rules. Through their deeds, the Elves which live in the woods receive blessing and protection from the plants. The plants are then looked after and protected by the Elves.

In times of war, Wardens call on all kinds of plants for help in battle. They can also become one with the plants in body and mind to receive their strength.
Abilities developed while protecting the woods allow them to face their enemies. Their graceful combat moves make them a formidable combat supporter class.
Protecting the security of the Elves is their most important mission.

Spirit Pets

Summoning SkillLevel GainedSpecial AttackNotes
Summon Spirit of the Oak1PunchTank Pet (High HP, low DPS)
Summon Nature Crystal14Beam AttackSupport Pet (High DPS, low HP)
Summon Oak Walker30Stab AttackRogue Pet (High DPS, low HP)

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