Clock-In (CoS)  

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City of Steam
see also: Login Reward

Each day you need to Clock-In, and rewards may be claimed when your total days "worked" this month reaches 2, 5, 10, 17 and 26 days. The clock-in calendar resets on the first of each month..

Total DaysRewards
2250 Valor Points, 200 Expertise Point Bundle, 1200 Mastery Points Vehicle Parts x10, Orange Keepsake x10, Level 1 Mod Box
5750 Valor Points, 600 Expertise Point Bundle, 3600 Mastery Points Vehicle Parts x30, Orange Keepsake x15, Level 2 Mod Box
101250 Valor Points, 1000 Expertise Point Bundle, 6000 Mastery Points Vehicle Parts x50, Orange Keepsake x20, Level 3 Mod Box
171500 Valor Points, 1200 Expertise Point Bundle, 7200 Mastery Points Vehicle Parts x60, Orange Keepsake x25, Level 4 Mod Box
262000 Valor Points, 1600 Expertise Point Bundle, 9600 Mastery Points Vehicle Parts x80, Orange Keepsake x30, Level 5 Mod Box

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