Coast of Opportunity - North (RoM Quest Series)  

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Coast of Opportunity - North
Quest Series
Starting ZoneCoast of Opportunity
Rec. Levels31 to 42
Previous Coast of Opportunity - South
Next Xaviera
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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Coast of Opportunity quest series

Because of the size of the zone, we have divided the Quest Series into two parts.

Daily Quests

LevelQuest NameCampStarterNotes
31Chase Off the TroublemakersCascade PathLuur MannUse the Pepper Bombs (Ggl) to scare off 6 Mischievous Gulos
31Cute and SlimyCascade PathSad SalinaGet 10 Dragonfly Wings (Ggl)
32Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with EnergyStone CorridorFod LilinGet 10 Mutant Beetle Shells (Ggl)
32Barbecue FeastDesert Investigation PostRoseGet 10 portions of Sharptooth Meat (Ggl)
32Determination Like a FlowerDesert Investigation PostPrince MyanGet 10 Undeliverable Flowers (Ggl)
32ReplantingDesert WaystationAnbenronGet 10 Burrow Beast Body Fluids (Ggl)
33Unearthing ResearchDesert Investigation PostYafatlingGet 5 Writhing Bags (Ggl)
33Warm PeltsValley of TranquilityMimet Bugfoot10 Short Furs (Ggl) from Burrow Hyenas
35Power for a Thousand MilesDesert Investigation PostMufasa Luckshine5 Complete Charges
36Sweet JuiceValley of TranquilitySharphorn Sugula10 Sweet Juice (Ggl) from Burrow Cacti
38Important Patrol WorkFanger's Makeshift CampKatalikeConduct a fixed point patrol
40Weapon InspectionFanger's Makeshift CampBluto Munk5 Naga Knives (Ggl) and 5 Minotaur Guns (Ggl)
40Weapon Inspection IIFanger's Makeshift CampBluto Munk5 Ayax Staffs (Ggl) and 5 Pirate Knives (Ggl)
41Another DrinkFanger's Makeshift CampMishlor10 Death Flower Root (Ggl) from Death Blooms
42Heat Reduction RecipeFanger's Makeshift CampMishlor10 Trickster Skin (Ggl) from Mutated Trickster
42Dragon Horn IngredientsFanger's Makeshift CampMishlor10 Ankylar Horn (Ggl) from Quodate Akylars south of Fanger's Old Camp

Cascade Path

John Kinin

  1. [31] Message - Read the message
  2. [31] Emergency Demand for Ore - Get 10 Pure Luetium (Ggl)

Luur Mann

Sad Salina

Stone Corridor


Fod Lilin

Desert Investigation Post


  1. [31] An Irresistible Smell - Bring back some Rich Chowder (Ggl) from Hanolika
  2. [32] Deliver the Samples - Deliver the Vegetation Sample (Ggl) from Morfanie



Prince Myan


  1. [33] Wake Up this Guy - Get 5 Sharptooth Horns (Ggl)
  2. [33] Do Me Another Favor! - Get 10 Crimson Scorpion Legs (Ggl) from Crimson Burrow Scorpions at Ring of the Ravenous
  3. [33] Missing Parts - Get 5 Wasteland Sand (Ggl)
  4. [34] Mirak - Speak with Mirak
  5. [34] Ridiculous! - Relay Paloo's complaints to Bruno
  6. [35] The Worst Case Scenario - Find Mirak!
  7. [35] Stop it! - Stop Rampaging Mirak
  8. [36] An Extravagant Experience - Report back to Bruno


Mufasa Luckshine

Seda Faar

  1. [35] Trash Has Its Value - Gather three pieces of junk
  2. [35] Fix it! The Strange Thing - Bring back the correct runes
  3. [35] Tick, tick, tick... It's running. - Observe
  4. [35] Feed "It" - Get 10 Nuclear Energy (Ggl)
  5. [35] Demon?! - Speak to Kelly Osa at Desert Waystation


  1. [36] Heart of Nature's Seed - Get Elf Seed (Ggl) from Choakyare of the Fellowship of the Singing Spring (at Desert Waystation)

Shafay Zilun

  1. [38] Appropriate Candidate - Get 5 Predator Samples (Ggl) from Burrow Food Plunerers under the wooden bridge at in Stone Corridor

Desert Waystation


KlininaKelly Osa

  1. [38] Plants that Absorb Energy - Get 5 Trees of Energy (Ggl) in the Giant Stone Pit
  2. [38] Sources of Energy Needed - Get 8 Weak Energy (Ggl) from Feeble Punishers in the Giant Stone Pit
  3. [38] Joining the Delivery Team - Get 10 Holly Timber (Ggl)

Kelly OsaImengalaHanna Pint

  1. [36] Pay a Visit to Instructor Imengala - Get 10 Nuclear Energy (Ggl)
  2. [36] Frozen Elf - Take Imengala's Letter to Hannah Pint
  3. [36] A Memory from a Thousand Years Ago - Listen to Hannah Pint's story
  4. [36] More Supplies - Get Bag of Herbs (Ggl) from Shafay Zilun in Desert Investigation Post
  5. [37] Heading for the Sub-Human camp - Take supplies to Akuya Whitestar at Valley of Tranquility

Valley of Tranquility

Mimet Bugfoot

Sharphorn Sugula

Akuya Whitestar

  1. [37] Plight of the Sub-humans
  2. [37] Akuya's Medical Assistant
  3. [37] Find Airleir
  4. [37] Emergency Notice

Quodate Plains

Yosang Fulion

  1. [39] I Want Revenge! - Kill 15 Wandering Ancient Nagas

Cher Zinner

  1. [39] A Strong Smell - Get 10 Ancient Disciple Manes (Ggl) Wandering Ancient Disciples
  2. [39] Anything Edible is Fine! - Get 5 Food Bags (Ggl)
  3. [40] Assist in Undercover Work - Get a Ancient Disciple Illusion Potion (Ggl)

Dower Delanin <Deputy Captain>

  1. [40] The Surviving Deputy - Gather a Tragic Disciple's Rune (Ggl) from Ancient Embittered Disciple
  2. [40] Failure will not Speak of Courage - Get 10 Devouring Sharptooth Flower's Long Stalks (Ggl) from Devouring Blooms
  3. [40] Area of Expertise - Use the Tragic Disciple's Rune
  4. [40] Information Collection - Report to Fanger Chase

Naibi Kelongde

  1. [40] Report Confirmation - Get a Naga's Rune Crystal (Ggl) from Ancient Naga Rebels
  2. [40] Subdue the Ice Witch - Get Imprisoned Ice Witch (Ggl)
  3. [41] Deliver the Ice - Take the Imprisoned Ice Witch (Ggl) to Fanger Chase at Fanger's Makeshift Camp

Hangla - by the northern-most pool on the road to Xaviera

Fanger's Makeshift Camp


Fanger Chase

  1. [39] Be Prepared
  2. [39] Defend the Base

Marx Wade

Hawn Hebol

  1. [39] Occasionally one needs to relax
  2. [39] Special Medicine?

Bluto Munk


Ethan Hollis

Seda FaarUrbie TedragosFanger ChaseBen ShillerFayer ShillerWesley Dakirton

  1. [41] The Demon Hidden in Icefrost City
  2. [41] Eye of Wisdom's Speculation
  3. [41] Meeting at the gates
  4. [41] Light Hands and Feet
  5. [41] Inform the Captain
  6. [41] Take Out the Trash
  7. [41][Elite] Kill Hydra
  8. [41] Another Forbidden Rune

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