Crawling in the Hills (part 2) (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[2]Crawling in the Hills
 · Thestra/Bordinar's Cleft
 · Solo
Speak with Defender Turgin Foecleaver
Return to Defender Turgin Foecleaver
Crawling in The Hills
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Crawling in the Hills

Defender Foecleaver says, "Lets see if any of these vale crawlers will take a liking to you."

Defender Foecleaver carefully places a vale crawler on your hand.

"Ah, here we go! This one seems to have taken a liking to you! Now take that little bugger up the hill, and unleash him on the gwartak griffonhunters assaulting Moritha and her young."

"And be quick about it! The griffons are very powerful, but the gwartak are like locusts and can overwhelm a griffon if they go unchallenged."

Quest Summary

With your Vale Crawler, head up the hill to the northeast of Shaletooth Tower, and slay Gwartak Griffonhunters. Return to Defender Foecleaver when completed.

Quest Objectives

Gwartak Griffonhunters Slain (0/8)
Crawler Holding Sack (1/1)

Quest Rewards

Shale Forged Girdle , Studded Ram Hide Belt , Vale Silk Sash

Completion Dialogue
Defender Foecleaver asks, "Well? Did you send them scurrying? How did your beastie do?"

Defender Foecleaver laughs,"Well, well!! I'll bet those kobolds will think twice before hunting griffons out in these hills! Anything we can do to make their lives more difficult is an advantage for us!"

"Here's a little something for a job well done. Keep this up and the kobolds will learn to fear you as they do me."

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