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A long time ago, the god Ayvenas created a book in which he captured the shape of the world and recorded the origin of life. The book's name was "Taborea."


Ayvenas wished for plants, and so were created endless fields of mellow grass and gigantic trees that reach toward the sky.

When he longed for a magnificent horizon, the bright blue sky and the starry canopy were born. He yearned for new sounds, and the wind began to whisper.

Despite this world's beauty, Ayvenas felt lonely. So he took some clay and formed life.

God and People

Ayvenas realized that his creations were weak. Minor incidents caused grave injuries. If they fell ill, certain death loomed. In the face of danger, they were fearful. And because they had no idea how to protect themselves, they were pathetic.

So Ayvenas placed incarnations of himself into Taborea to teach his people various skills and abilities. Before long, the people grouped themselves according to characteristics. The world’s races were born, and the legend of creation was written.

It was a time when the elements were still in balance and the divine envoys Ayvenas sent forth guarded the young and innocent world.

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