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City of Steam
City of Steam is a Free-to-Play game with a Cash Shop and a currency that can be purchased with real-world money and used in-game to purchase special items.

 ShillingQuest Rewards, mob drops, event rewards or purchase from Money ChangerCommon currency (like gold in most MMO's)
 ElectrumPurchase with USD or EU from websiteElectrum Shop currency. Locked to the server it is purchased on but shared with all characters on the same account and server. All displays of {Real World USD Value) in this wiki is based on $40/4120 Electrum ($.009709/), or slightly less than a penny per .
 Bound ElectrumAnything purchased with Bound Electrum (bE) will be Bound. Locked to the character it is earned on.Acquire from: Alchemy, Async PvP, Privilege, Valor Lottery
 SpiremarkNO LONGER AVAILABLE IN-GAMEUsed in the Electrum Shop (Spiremarks page), Self-Revive, and to purchase Storage. Locked to the character it is earned on. NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN GAME BUT CAN STILL BE SPENT.
 KeyPurchased from the Electrum Shop. May also be found as a very uncommon drop from mobs and breakable containers in all dungeons.Opens rare treasure chests in Dungeons.
 Paragon TokenEarned for accomplishments and advancement in The Path of the ParagonsBuys purple gear from the Paragon Store.
 Valor PointsEarned for accomplishments and advancement in The Path of the Paragons and other EventsControls the level of your Wisp.
 HonorEarned by killing other players in PvP.Buys orange Slayer gear from the Honor Shop.
 Tower TokenEarned for completing layers in Tower of PerilBuys purple accessories from the Tower Shop.

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Honor, equal to the level of the victim, is gained anytime you kill another player in any zone, challenge or event other than Asynchronous PvP (which includes Cargo Delivery Interceptions), for the first time that day. You can also gain 100 Honor for each win in the 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 Arena (limit: 10 rewards per day). Killing the same player over and over does not gain additional Honor, and there is a daily cap (500) on how much Honor you can gain. Only the player that deals the death-blow gains the Honor.

Honor Trading

An unfortunately common practice in The Copperwaste, players will allow themselves to be killed by another player, who then does the same for them, in order for each player to gain Honor from the kill. Many consider this an Exploit and it is under review among the devs to determine if the practice should be stopped.

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