Daredevil Derby (DN Place)  

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Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire)
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Path: Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire) —> Daredevil Derby

The lowest level you can adventure here is 10, and the highest available Dungeon here is 40.

  • Level range: 10-40
  • One-to-four player dungeon
  • To participate: Open your Mount inventory and right-click on a rental horse to compete in a horse race.
  • Challenge: Race against other players to win prizes.
  • Daredevil Derby will not consume Empowerment points.
  • Prizes:
  • Daredevil Derby can be cleared up to three times per week.[1]

Use "I" for inventory, then on the Mount tab right-click the horse. This summons your mount. Some racers may get an Epic mount. Carrots can increase or decrease your speed. Ogres just make it hard to see. Palisades will break, opening paths to slower racers that the leader did not have. At the end there are 4 chests: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Wood. The Gold chest MAY be a Royal chest but this does not seem to improve the rewards.

The Wood chest will give 10 tickets to each racer (IF you have 4 racers), but only the first 3 across the finish line get the other chests.

  1. ^ from 9-1-2011 patch notes

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