Dead Man's Road (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
DNArmory map
Crystal Stream (Dead Man's Pass)
Easy Level: 20
Abyss Level: 23
Abyss Bosses
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Dragon Nest

Path: Crystal Stream (Dead Man's Pass) —> Dead Man's Road

When you do this Dungeon with the P-P-Poison! quest 4 soldiers will accompany you. You can lose them along the way so it helps a lot to protect them. Any surviving soldiers will move with you from stage to stage but will not cross the bridge in stage 3 and will not be there for the final fight with Stompy.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Sub-boss: Fort Hobgoblin

There is a Treasure Chest on the left just a bit back and to the left of the portal to Stage 3.

Stage 3

Sub-boss: Fort Hobgoblin

Stage 4

Boss: Stompy

Stompy may be big and tough, but inside he is a baby. he will charge and rage, but in between he will break down and cry ("Why is da bad widdle man stingin' me wid 'is widdle axe?"). Watch for these times to rush in and deal the solid special attacks. Stay away from him early on until you can reach and dispatch the Dark Elves. Also, from time to time he will just crouch down and "hide". if you leave him alone he will use this time to regenerate!

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