Deciphering Witchcraft (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Ravenfell
 [+] Sailor's Graveyard
  [49] Deciphering Witchcraft

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Yaniha Bimey
Related POIs: Related Mobs: Related Items: End: Yaniha Bimey ( 47.08, 67.81 )

Quest Reward:
 XP: 74,510
 TP: 7,451
 Gold: 6,715Gold 
Your choice of one of the following

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Runes of Magic
Go between Sailor's Graveyard and the Abandoned Fortress to get {{romitem|Vulture Feather||10{{ from Four Winged Vultures and get Heart of the Wolf King (Ggl) from Buriz.

Northwest of Yaniha Bimey is the ruins of an old stone wall. By a gap in the wall is Skeet Leda (Ggl). Buriz will be just the other side of that gap, on your left.

Burying the Hatchet Ravenfell
Quest Series
Sailor's Graveyard
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