Deck of the King's Court  

EverQuest II

5th Blessing granted by Bristlebane. When you use this Blessing you receive one of the cards from the table, below. Each has a different power.

Card NameSummary of Effects
King of the CourtIncrease In-Combat Health and Power Regeneration by 100 for 10 minutes
Queen of the Court20% Max HP/Power.
Prince of the CourtIncreases STA/STR/AGI/INT/WIS by 70 for 10-minutes.
The Jester25% decreased hate-gain for 10 minutes.
The MogulIncrease Combat XP Gain by 100% for 10 minutes
The PauperGives 7-10 silver per kill for 10 minutes
The AceResurrects target with 25% health and power
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