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I dedicate this book to the honorable ancestor of my family, Kayderian.

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Humans, in the old days, showed their blood relationship by naming their family members after their ancestors or their hometown.

The twelve Empyrean Lords who descended unto Atreia when it fell into danger didn't use surnames. So, as time passed, Humans came to follow the same rule.

Since the ideology of Asmodae that all men are equal has been established, it was considered undesirable to show one's family through one's name as it may create factions and classes.

Blood relationship is only a fleeting concern to a Daeva, who lives alone for the entirety of their immortal lives, after sending their families back to the flow of Aether.

Daevas, left alone for long stretches of time, didn't place much importance on the family unit, and the custom of valuing family and its surname has disappeared gradually.

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But, the old families in the Vanahal District are exceptions.

It is an established theory that blood doesn't have any relationship to Ascension. Even though one is the son of Daeva parents, there is no guarantee of Ascension.

However, the families in the Vanahal District have maintained their family name by Ascending for generations for a long period of time.

It's Vanahal's Daevas privilege to proclaim their family names. A Daeva rarely forms a family for long, except them.

The choose their family name based on symbolic insignia, characteristics of their appearance, the name of the highest-ranking Daeva in their family, or the name of the founder of their family. It becomes their pride and identity.

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The Vanahal District was originally a residential area for Daevas. Daeva of Construction, Mesiradeta, named it "Vanahal" after constructing beautiful mansions for Daevas.

Mansions in Vanahal were granted to those Daevas who had proven themselves in the war.

Therefore, the Daevas residing in Vanahal are the meritorious retainers of Pandaemonium who served the Empyrean Lords for a long time or their descendents.

Daevas who were granted mansions in Vanahal settled there and their descendants have served Asmodae for generations since the Epic Cataclysm.

My Kayderian family, among many reputable families in Vanahal, is a historied one that fought together with the Empyrean Lords in the days of the Epic Cataclysm.

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Kayderian, the founder of my family, Ascended as a Daeva on the day when the Empyrean Lords were born by the will of the Tower of Eternity.

Kayderian, nimble and skillful in using a bow, followed the beautiful but cold-blooded Lord Triniel. Not after long, he came to enjoy the glory of serving by Lord Triniel's side, as he was favored by the Lord.

Kayderian, whom I admire, killed many Balaur while flying above the Aetheric Field, together with Lord Trinial. His sharp arrows never missed the target.

In the pictures depicting those days, Kayderian is ever-present with a bow at the left side of Lord Triniel.

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After the Epic Cataclysm, Kayderian contributed a lot to the Pandaemonium construction project, following Lord Triniel.

Upon completion of Pandaemonium, Kayderian and his family were granted a mansion in the Vanahal District in acknowledgement of his achievements.

But, without enjoying a moment of peace, he volunteered for the first Abyss exploration team and left to lead a Legion.

The Abyss at that time was a dangerous place in which there were no Obelisks. Unfortunately, Kayderian couldn't return from the darkness of the Abyss.

But, members of his family didn't shed tears upon hearing the news of Kayderian's disappearance. Rather, the felt honored that he had died while in service to Pandaemonium.

Since then, it became the tradition of the Kayderian family that tears for honorable death is shameful.

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After Kayderian's disappearance, his descendants began calling themselves the descendants of Kayderian. Through generations, they served Lord Triniel and performed an important role in the formation of the Temple of Death.

Tienshue, the granddaughter of Kayderian, as well as my grandmother, performed many important duties in Elysea.

Under her sword, numerous Guardians were sent back to the flow of Aether. Every Legionary who followed Tienshue was influenced by her passion.

Tienshue not only achieved great feats in Elysea but also killed many of the Elyos who crossed over into Asmodae.

Lord Triniel granted an insignia to her for her achievements, and that insignia has been kept as a treasure of the family.

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Even after that, many Daevas brought glory to my family. If I were to mention all of the names of those Daevas, even numerous books wouldn't suffice.

Strict education might have played a role in our history of success in which we have upheald our ancestors' will and sacrificed it for Asmodae by ascending as Daevas for generations.

All who are born into the Kayderian family are told to serve the Empyrean Lords and Pandaemonium from the time they are children.

A child, upon Ascending, receives systematic training so that they can be dispatched to the battlefield promptly, and those who don't Ascend spend their whole life serving Asmodians.

Everyone born into the Kayderian family wishes to become a Daeva like Kayderian and to serve Lord Triniel.

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Some people say that the children born into Vanahal families are being forced into Ascension like flowers in a greenhouse. But they clearly haven't thought things through.

It is easy for them to misunderstand, being on the outside. The People of Vanahal receive intense and rigorous education from the time they can walk onwards. They are taught to become a model soldier, taking the lead on the battlefield.

They are born to be bound to the bridle of the role and position of a model citizen. People who have excessive freedoms in their lives cannot understand the sacrifice that we have to bear, in order to maintain the honor of our families.

Many people blame us by judgin us on our luxurious clothing and beautiful mansions. But extravagances are small and trifle things compared with the blood we shed.

The people of Vanahal District to not live there for free.

I, as a descendant of Kayderian, have also received a strict education since my childhood and I think it is the purpose of my life to serve Pandaemonium and Lord Triniel.

Of course, I know that many Humans and Daevas are suffering from cold, hunger, and the threat of Sapiens.

Because of that, we are all the more driven to forge ahead and fight for Asmodae.

My descendants will be educated, as I was, to Ascend as a Daeva and be of help to Asmodians. And they won't feel sorry for the deaths in battle of my fellow family members. They will regard it as an honor.

As it has been since the days when Kayderian lived!

This text can be found on a bookshelf in the Vanahal District


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