Demolitionist (TR Class)  

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Level Requirement


Tier Path

Recruit, Specilaist, Sapper, Demolitionist

Available Weapons

Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Leech Guns, Healing Disks, Cipher Tools

Available Skills

Self Destruct, Reality Ripper, Launchers, Explosive Wave, Explosive Nanites and Controlled Fission.

Signature Weapon

Polarity guns

Signature Skills

Explosive Wave


Thermodynamics, Genetics


A demolitionist's arsenal includes attacks to engage any type of Bane target. These troops thrive on large battlegrounds, as many of their tactics entail setup time and an element of personal risk. Demolitionists can draw enemies together before blowing them apart, but doing so requires practice and precision before it becomes second nature.

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