Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Title Series)  

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Dragonfang Ridge
Title Quest Series
Quest SeriesDragonfang Ridge
Starting ZoneDragonfang Ridge
Rec. Levels20 to 35
Previous Sascilia Steppes
Next Ystra Highlands
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Runes of Magic
Title Quest Series

NOTE: Many quests do not appear in any Title Series quest chains, and some quests may appear in more than one.

In some chains, there will be quests that are not required to gain the title but are, nonetheless, a part of the natural flow of the chain. In this case we include the quest name in italics.

Title: Marl Outpost Support Troop

Refugee Camp

Marl Outpost

Title: Ice Dwarf Studies Specialist

Dragonfang Hills Village

Adventurer Camp

A small camp on the side of the road, deep in the Dragonfang Hills

Ice Dwarf Valley

Title: I've been to the Ruins of the Kingdom

Dragonfang Hills Village

Ice Dwarf Valley

Marl Outpost

Title: Shaved Gnoll Pelt

Snow Mountain Logging Camp

Ailic's Research Board Camp

Title: Locota Mercenary Regiment Soldier

Dragonfang Ice Plain

Xoci Village

Title: Gordon Mercenary Regiment Soldier

Moulton Farm

There is an Elite mercenary company, Gordon Mercenary Regiment, holed up in a shallow cave south of the farm.

Title: Fiergen Tundra Traverser

Fiergen Tundra

Title: Kadmos Trading Post Sojourner

Kadmos Trading Post

Title: Awerka Tundra Traverser

Kadmos Trading Post

Lomgart Camp

Awerka Tundra

Title: I'm not afraid of hardship

Obtain the following titles:

Title: Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom

Title: Twice to the Ruins of the Kingdom

Title: Overthrower of Uguda the Red Thunder

Title: Dragonfang Ridge Champion

Obtain the following titles:

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