Dredgion (Aion Zone)  

Type Battleground
Sphere Abyss
Level Range 46+
Cooldown 12 hours
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The Dredgion of the Baranath Legion who are terrorizing Reshanta. Elyos and Asmodians carry out the mission of eliminating its captain Adhati while keeping each other in check, and receive Abyss Points as reward.

Unlike other instances, this one will automatically pair you with an equal number of the opposing race. If you must compare this to WoW, this is a Battleground Instance. Once you enter, you cannot exit and reenter. This instance is for players who are Level 46 and above.

To join a queue for this instance, Asmodians should speak to Buri, Ockham, or Rukbar, while Elyos should talk to Asellus, Pelasgus, or Hippotades.

Alternatively, and periodically, after reaching level 46 you will get an icon on your screen, to the right of the hotbar, labeled "Request Entry", Clicking on this will bring up a box briefly describing the Dredgion battleground and offering you your choice of the three possible Entry Modes. it seems obvious that this button was added to try and improve participation in the Dredgion battlefield. There are three modes of Entry Requests: Private, Quick and Group.
  • Private Entry - You enter the queue as an individual, along with others doing the same, and the instance will start as soon as a like number of the opposing faction have joined the queue.
  • Quick Entry - You indicate you are a Private user, but are willing to join with any group that is already inside and has an opening. This is the systems way of filling holes in groups where a member had to leave or went linkdead. if no groups are available you will be treated exactly the same as Private Entry.
  • Group Entry - You apply to enter as a Group or Alliance. Only the captain or vice captain of your alliance, or the group leader of your group, can apply for entry in this mode.

if you cannot be matched to an instance within 30 minutes the queue will close.

When your instance is ready to begin you will be teleported to the instance from anywhere in the world, and are free to hunt, chat or whatever. You will receive a confirmation window before teleportation and, if not responded to within 2 minutes, your application is canceled. You cannot enter the Battleground while in battle, flying or dead.

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