Durability (RoM)  

Durability is the condition that a piece of Equipment is in. This value is displayed as a fraction (e.g., 35/40), and is displayed when an item is moused-over in the Character Window. An item's durability will decrease over time in combat due to wear and tear. Also, when a player is killed, there is a 10% durability loss of all equipped items. If another player can resurrect you the penalty is a bit less.

If an item is allowed to reach 0 durability, it becomes useless until repaired. Weapons will be used as though the player were unarmed, and armor will give neither stat bonuses nor armor bonuses. In order to restore an item's durability, the piece of equipment must be taken to a vendor capable of repairing it. For a fee, the item will be restored to its full durability. The cost of repair depends upon the quality of the item and its level. If you have any, you can also use a Golden Repair Hammer (Ggl) but you will need one for each piece of equipment.

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