Dust Devil Canyon (RoM Title Series)  

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Dust Devil Canyon
Quest Series
Quest SeriesDust Devil Canyon
Starting ZoneDust Devil Canyon
Rec. Levels40 to 50
Previous Ystra Highlands
Next Ravenfell
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Runes of Magic
Quest Series

NOTE: Many quests do not appear in any Title Series quest chains, and some quests may appear in more than one.

In some chains, there will be quests that are not required to gain the title but are, nonetheless, a part of the natural flow of the chain. In this case we include the quest name in italics.

Title: Angelic Messenger of Love

SabeliaDarhill ChisomTamo Siko

  1. [43] Forbidden Love - Deliver the ring to Darhill Chisom on the Khalara Plateau.
  2. [43] Inescapable Fate -
  3. [43] Sabelia's Decision - Take the agreement to Tamo Siko in the Mercenary Square.
  4. [43] Affection Expressing Bell Flower - Pick Harebell x7 (Ggl)
  5. [48] Unhappy Sabelia - Talk to Marston about the intruder
  6. [48] Shape of the Intruder - Report to Sabelia
  7. [48] Lover's Concern - Tell Darhill Chisom to stay away and remain safe.
  8. [48] Making a Necklace of Hope - Find Red Tear Gem x10 (Ggl)
  9. [48] Blessing for Life - Deliver the Chain of Hope (Ggl) to Sabelia
  10. [48] Canceling the Engagement - Tell Tamo Siko the news
  11. [48] A Very Angry Tamo Siko - Slap Tamo down
  12. [48] Finding the Adventurer - Find Sylvester
  13. [48] Disheartened Adventurer -
  14. [48] Modest Support -
  15. [48] Delivering the Ring -
  16. [48] Sylvester's Blessing -

Title: Order of Dark Glory Temp

MarstonLoran BreyFrankAndorLodorThasrokenNaidiLoran Yates

  1. [42] Fortress on Alert - Meet Loran Brey in Order of Dark Glory Hall for an assignment.
  2. [42] Competent Delivery Staff - Complete your application to join the order of Dark Glory
  3. [42] The First Quest - Get the armor order from Frank by the Arena.
  4. [42] Bring it Back - Take the armor to Loran Brey.
  5. [42] Delivering Important Supplies - Deliver the armor to Andor on the road to The Big Dig.
  6. [42] A Necessary Evil to Survive - Obtain Lizard Leg Meat x20 (Ggl).
  7. [42] Surviving the Desert
  8. [42] The Secret of Venom - Gather Poisonous Lizard Saliva x10 (Ggl) and Complete Scorpion Tail x10 (Ggl).
  9. [42] Supporting the Front - Find Thasroken.
  10. [42] Helping on the Front - Defeat 4 Poisonous Spinetail Scorpions
  11. [42] Towards the Second Line of Defense - Find Naidi.
  12. [42] Helping on the Second Front - Kill 6 Powerful Highland Iguanas.
  13. [42] Seeing Loran Yates - Find Lorn Yates.
  14. [42] The Story Behind the City Wall - Listen to his story.
  15. [42] Fire the Temp - Give Rollen's Token (Ggl) to Loran Brey.

Title: Myrmex Studies Specialist


  1. [47] Myrmex Research - Get Myrmex Skull x20 (Ggl).
  2. [47] Making Myrmex Poison - Get Myrmex Saliva x15 (Ggl).
  3. [47] Another Material - Get Myrmex Wing x15 (Ggl).
  4. [47] Myrmex Poison Experiment - Poison 3 Kal Turok King Myrmekes.

Title: Myrmex Nest Shuttle Expert


  1. [48] Myrmex Sugar Crystals - find Transparent Crystal x10 (Ggl) and the recipe

Epikur and Stedman are on the north side of the hive entrance
Epikur [Ailic's Community]

  1. [51] Myrmex Diagram - Walk around the hive to make a map
  2. [51] A Difficult Job - Get Gland x20 (Ggl) from Kal Turok King Myrmekes

StedmanLance Natal

  1. [51] Thrilling Crystal Construction - Get Crystal Dust x20 (Ggl)
  2. [51] Lance Natal's Habit - Find Lance Natal at Obsidian Stronghold and get Analyzing Apparatus (Ggl)
  3. [51] Back to Analyzing - Take theAnalyzing Apparatus (Ggl) back to Stedman

Eric is on the south side of the hive entrance

Title: The Big Dig Guardian

Title: Karzak Camp Ally

Title: Witness of Tatus' Tragedy

Title: Envoy of Marse's Tenderness

Title: Disruptor of Evil Ceremonies

Title: Conduit Between Tempest Height and the Obsidian Stronghold

Title: Benni's Strongest Assistant

Title: Witness of Heroes Showdown

Title: Terminator of the Tempest Height Traitors

Title: Heroic Harpy Queen Defeater

Title: Destroyer of Seraph's Band of Thieves

Title: Dust Devil Canyon Champion

Tier III Title Badge: +169 Stamina, +900 Maximum HP

We are working on moving the quests, below, into the Titles they belong with, above. This takes some time.

Trading Square


  1. [48] Claw-scratched Crystal - find Claw-scratched Crystal (Ggl)

Glory Square


  1. [44] Passing Love - Just talk to him again.
  2. [44] Dropped Love Letter - Deliver the letter to Benni at Karzak Camp.
  3. [44] Lover's Blessing - Obtain Wing feather x15 (Ggl) from Crows.
  4. [44] Watch From Afar - Deliver the Lucky Charm to Geris.

Order of Dark Glory Hall

Lajos HalkaRodneyMark

  1. [42] The Order of Dark Glory - Meet with Rodney off Mercenary Square
  2. [42] Labor Shortage - Take the report to Lajos Halka
  3. [42] Supporting the Big Dig - Meet with Mark at The Big Dig

Crafting Square

Farshlan [Travelling Merchant]

  1. [10] Varanas Wishing Well - Make a wish at the well in Varanas


  1. [44] Danny's Lunch - Take the lunch to Danny.


  1. [48] Claw-scratched Crystal - Obtain a Claw-scratched Crystal (Ggl) from an Iron-clawed Harpy


  1. [50] Calyoun's New Shoes - Find Budworm with Shiny New Shoes (Ggl)
  2. [50] Calyoun's Request - Talk to his brother, Janice
  3. [50] Janice's Wish - Get Root Grass x20 (Ggl) from Grass Thicket


Daniel Mohan

  1. [10] Honor Shop - Return to your Guild Castle's House Maid.

Mercenary Square


  1. [43] Grandfather's Blessing - Get mine dust from the 5 memorial stones.

Battle Square

Khalara Plateau

Hailee - (south of Kal Turok Hive)

  1. [49] Where Have All the Flowers Gone? - Obtain Giant Flower Cactus Nectar (Ggl)

Order of Dark Glory Garrison

Quests are available here starting when you reach Level 40

Famanti SicaUtofi Lela

  1. [42] Absolutely Not Black Magic - Listen to his idea.
  2. [42] Magical Energy of Fire - Barbecue a scorpion.
  3. [42] The Benefits of Fire Energy - Share the barbecue with Utofi.
  4. [42] Countering the Energy of Fire - Get some fresh scorpion meat.
  5. [42] I Can Do Better Than Him! - Take Utofi's cooking to Famanti.
  6. [42] Magical Energy of Water - Freeze some water.
  7. [42] The Benefits of Water Energy - Show the ice to Utofi.
  8. [42] Countering the Energy of Water - Get some chilled wine.
  9. [42] Magical Energy of Wind - Use Wind to repel a scorpion.
  10. [42] Countering the Energy of Wind - Use Scorpion Repellant.
  11. [42] Magic Light Power - Show Utofi this magic light.
  12. [42] Countering the Energy of Light? - Show Famanti this light-emitting gem.
  13. [42] Deep Thinking - Tell Utofi that Famanti finally understands his objections.
  14. [42] Making Peace - Take Famanti some snacks as a peace offering between them.


  1. [42] Iguana Leather - Obtain Iguana Leather x5 (Ggl)
  2. [42] Flashing Scale Iguana Leather - Obtain Flashing Scale Iguana Skin x8 (Ggl)


  1. Scorpion Powder:
  2. Cactus Nectar:


  1. [42] Lost Blackie - Find Blackie and get him into his cage.


  1. [42] Catching a Cactus - Catch a Needle Cactus.


The Big Dig

Kal Turok Hive

Valley of Scars

Danny - Fisherman

Lake Ousul

Panos Hill

  1. [50] Stop -
  2. [50] Disband band of thieves -

Kalin Shrine


  1. [50] Lake Master Yusalian - Harvest Sweet Water Plant x5 (Ggl) from the room where Yusalien sleeps.


  1. [50] Riddle of the Shrine - Enter the final chamber and defeat Regin
  2. [50] Broken mystery device - Take the Rune Rubbing (Ggl) to Laertes

Mind Cohesion Catalyst (Ggl)

  1. [50] Last Wish - Kill Regin and release Servant of the Goddess of Art's soul.

Mesa of the Fallen




  1. [44] Signal - Light the Signal Fire by the Bridge
  2. [44] Wait and See - Observe the Messenger's arrival
  3. [44] Notification - Inform the Garrison that the messenger arrived safely
  4. [45] Retrieval - Find the Tempest Height Hunter that stole the Obsidian Stronghold Letter (Ggl)
  5. [45] Delivery - Deliver the Obsidian Stronghold Letter (Ggl) to Chailik
  6. [45] Karzak's Response - Take Karzak's Response (Ggl) to Kusa
  7. [49] Wattken - Put the spirit of Wattken to rest.



Red Valley

Soul of the Registry Clerk

Karzak Camp

This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!
The Human Barbarians and a tribe of Dwarves live here together in the peace of cooperation.
Chailik [Karzak Elder] - see the Bloody Demon Sword Epic quest series


  1. [46] The Forgotten Worship - Deliver message to Kaboo
  2. [46] Replacement - Get Scorpion Meat x15 (Ggl)and Crow Egg x15 (Ggl)s


  1. [44] Food Problem - Bring Lizard Meat x30 (Ggl) as a sign of good faith.
  2. [44] Ancient Book of Ceremonies - Find the book in Tempest Height.
  3. [44] The Ceremonial Totem - Fetch feathers from three totems in Hawk's Cliff
  4. [44] The Betrayer in the Dream - Find proof of Obenmoti's Secret Plans (Ggl).
  5. [44] Conspiracy -
  6. [44] Warrant -
  7. [44] Secret Deal -
  8. [44] Cargo List -
  9. [44] Reference for a New Totem -
  10. [44] Obtaining Magic Books -

Kuri [Shaman Acolyte]

Finish all quests from Kaboo and Kuri to earn the title, Karzak Camp Ally.



Hawk's Cliff


Adley the Alcoholic

  1. [45] Adley the Alcoholic - Steal Tempest Height Liquor (Ggl)


  1. [49] Harpies' Way of Life - Get blood samples



Tempest Height

Shitalu - (min 46)

  1. [48] Secret Deal - Contact the client, Mihan, in Obsidian Stronghold.


The following quests are all in this zone but we do not yet know from who or where you get them. The names are in the list of available Titles for this zone.

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