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Miragul Information

  • Which expansions are unlocked on release of this server?
    • House of Thule.

  • Expansion Release Rate:
    • (Source) - Expansions will unlock on a 3/2 month system. Expansions that feature a level cap increase will last for three months. All other expansions will last two months. The Miragul server will start in House of Thule, which is a level cap increase, so it will be three months before Veil of Alaris unlocks. You will be able to see these unlocks on your calendar in the game.

  • Experience Rate:
    • Miragul will match the experience rates of live servers.

Miragul went live on November 5, 2019 at 12pm PST.


Current Expansion

Torment of Velious

Confirmed Unlock dates for Expansions

Expansions unlock at 2pm PST on the below dates. The in game /calendar should always have the dates of unlocks, should they ever change.

Expansions Unlock Date Level
Veil of Alaris 1-28-2020 (Tuesday) 95 12 weeks
Rain of Fear 4-21-2020 (Tuesday) 100 12 weeks
Call of the Forsaken 7-14-2020 (Tuesday) 8 weeks
The Darkened Sea 9-16-2020 (Tuesday) 105 12 weeks
The Broken Mirror 12-9-2020 (Tuesday) 8 weeks
Empires of Kunark 2-10-2021 (Tuesday) 8 weeks
Ring of Scale 4-14-2021 (Tuesday) 110 12 weeks
The Burning Lands 7-7-2021 (Tuesday) 8 weeks
Torment of Velious 9-8-2021 (Tuesday) 115 12 weeks
Claws of Veeshan 12-1-2021 (Tuesday) 8 weeks

Is Boxing allowed?

Yes boxing is allowed, however only one account per machine is allowed.

Marketplace Items

Daybreak will have a limited store that will start with lower-tier consumables (potions & buffs), appearances, and bags – and some mounts will unlock with Luclin. But marketplace offerings will not be too powerful for each expansion's era.


Miragul will have all the normal raid instancing that comes with the expansion.

Max raid size is 54 players per instance. 6 players minimum in order to request those instances.

Which UI features will we have?

You'll start out with a modern default UI with all features available. If you want to use a custom interface, you can get them from eqinterface.com.

Spell Research

The January 2017 patch introduced a new change to how spell research is done on the progression servers.

- Many Spell Research recipes are now restricted to an expansion at least three expansions after the spell itself is available.

This seems to be for most spells. We'll need confirmation on what spells can combine in era and which spells can't.


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