EXP Exchange (CoS)  

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City of Steam
At the EXP Exchange (next to the Honor Shop in Arkadia) you can trade 20,000 EXP for a Mercenary Exp Crystal, thus converting EXP to Merc EXP. 25 Crystals costs about 1% of a level 60's EXP bar. 100 Crystals (the max you can buy at once) is approximately 4% of you EXP at 60+.

You can also trade 500,000 EXP, about 10% of your EXP Bar to a level 60, for a Exp Book worth 500,000 EXP. This allows you to bank extra EXP above level 60 towards the next time they raise the level cap. If you are at level 60 and your EXP bar reaches 100% you will once again lose any EXP gained beyond that point, so you need to spend it before that point.

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