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 Eltnen (Aion Zone)

Eltnen Mobs
by Zone

Image Name and Location Level Notes
Fidget (PW/yg) in Manduri Forest 22
Trisqeek (PW/yg) in Putrid Mire 24
Kumonga in Manduri Forest 24 Life Aquamarine Ring (PW/AA)
Life Plate Pauldrons (PW/AA)
Pioneer's Armor
Daylight Accessories
Desolation Items
Galatia (PW/yg) in Outpost Ruins 27
Supervisor Kargas (PW/yg) in Mystic Spring of Anathe 29 Elite Supervisor's Chain Greaves (PW/AA)
Razorjaw (PW/yg) in Drake Habitat 30
Beleffon (PW/yg) in Kuriullu Mountains 30 Elite Beleffon's Tear (PW/AA)
Supervisor Penteros (PW/yg) in Lepharist Citadel - Eltnen 30 Hero Penteros's Diary (PW/AA)
Penteros's Greatsword (PW/AA)
Penteros's Shield (PW/AA)
Penteros's Spear (PW/AA)
Commander's Helm (PW/AA)
High Mage's Headband (PW/AA)
Penteros's Necklace (PW/AA)
Seeker's Chain Helm (PW/AA)
Vaegir's Hat (PW/AA)
The Iceheart Queen (PW/yg) in Lepharist Citadel - Eltnen 34
Note: For drops in the Notes column, we list only Superior or better drops on this table, and some of those will be a single link to a Set page. For a complete list of the drops we know about, see the mob's page.

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