Essencetapping 355-400 (Aion)  

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Collection Collection 1-49
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Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499

Skill: Extract Vitality: 355-400
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
355 Kukar Fruit Kukar, Kukar Petal Beluslan, Brusthonin places Fruit of Solace
Ervio Fruit Ervio (PW/AA), Ervio Petal Heiron, Theobomos places
360 Burning Orichalcum Hard Metal Burning Orichalcum Ore, Makron's Memento (PW/AA) Theobomos, Brusthonin places
365 Grobule Herb Grobule (PW/AA), Fresh Grobule, Healing Root (PW/AA), Sniron's Memento (PW/AA) Beluslan, Brusthonin places
Griffonia Herb Griffonia (PW/AA), Fresh Griffonia, Healing Root (PW/AA), Sniron's Memento (PW/AA) Heiron, Theobomos places Insomnia Tea
370 Burning Mithril Hard Metal Burning Mithril Ore (PW/AA), Euron's Memento (PW/AA) Theobomos, Brusthonin places
375 Cippo Vegetable Cippo, Seed of Detection, Kashuron's Memento (PW/AA) Beluslan, Brusthonin places
Perer Vegetable Perer (PW/AA), Seed of Detection, Kashuron's Memento (PW/AA) Heiron, Theobomos places
380 Diamond Gem Diamond Ore (PW/AA), Rich Diamond Ore (PW/AA), Dookiron's Memento (PW/AA), Recovery Crystal, Starry Diamond Heiron, Beluslan, Theobomos, Brusthonin places
385 Lunime Fruit Lunime, Lunime Petal Heiron, Theobomos places
390 Leopis Fruit Leopis, Leopis Petal Beluslan, Brusthonin places
399 Nex Soft Metal Nex Ore (PW/AA) Dark Poeta places

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