Everyone Has a Secret (Aion Quest)  

Brusthonin Quest Series
Asmodian Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Brusthonin
Start Place: Settlers Campsite
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Talk with Tala in Brusthonin at Settlers Campsite once you have reached at least Level 23.
Level 24 Everyone Has a Secret
Collect Unfest Vigilante skulls and Anubite Astrologer skulls and take them to Tala.
 Basic Reward
32,100 Kinah
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    You must be at least Level 23 to open or receive this quest. See Asmodian 23 for more quests that can be started at this same level.

    All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

    Quest Notes

    Warning: The 3rd time I pulled an Anubite Astrologer I learned the secret. The lvl 23 Astrologer can summon a RED TO ME (I was 23) golem. Faithful Servant, that two-shotted my Templar! That means the pet was at least 3 levels higher than the summoner! So, be warned... do NOT let him summon!

    I saw it again a few pulls after that. It was non-aggro and the level was ?? so that means it was so red to me I am not allowed to know the level. What's more, the pet persists beyond the summoner's death. it just lays down, since it has no one to tell it who to kill. Even after the body had decayed and vanished, the golem remained. An hour later, it was still there. Whatever you do, do not click on it by accident, but it is slow and can be run off.

    Oh, this just keeps getting worse. The 3rd time I was watching for the summoning spell. The only spell he cast was Reflect, and I interrupted it, but again, just as he died another golem appeared, so apparently it is an instant-cast or innate ability. Seems to happen when he hits about 5% HP, but it is a slow-cast spell. If you can kill him before the golem finishes materializing, it collapses.

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