Experience Potion (RoM Item)  

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See Item Shop Item
Runes of Magic
Experience Potion
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Experience points gained in combat are increased by 50% for 1 hour.

Effect duration also includes offline time.
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MMO devs frequently change the exact stats on an item, over the life of a game, to improve game balance. For this reason, we no longer support inclusion of exact item stats in our wiki.

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Experience Potions come in several different sizes. Most are available only from the Item Shop but a few of the smaller ones come from quests or are gifts in the noobie packages. All of them do the same thing but at different percentages, and apply only to XP earned in combat, not from quest turn-ins. Those that indicate a time interval are counted from the time you use the potion, not from time of purchase, and include off-line time.

Potion NameSourceNotes
Experience PotionItem Shop50% increase for 1 hour
Experience Potion (1 Day)Item Shop50% increase for 1 day
Experience Potion (7 Days)Item Shop50% increase for 7 days
Experience Potion (30 Days)Item Shop50% increase for 30 days
Basic Experience Potion (30 Days)Item Shop10% increase for 30 days
Advanced Experience Potion (30 Days)Item Shop20% increase for 30 days
Powerful Experience PotionItem Shop70% for 1 hour
High Quality Experience PotionItem Shop
Tagena Package
100% increase for 2 hours
Lasting Experience PotionItem Shop50% increase for 3 hours
Party Experience PotionItem Shop30% for 1 hour for all team members (stacks)
Note: At any given time all of the potions listed may not be available in the Item Shop.

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