Eye of Wisdom (RoM Faction)  

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Runes of Magic
The Eye of Wisdom is a group dedicated to gathering wisdom about magic and artifacts from the Old Times. On the old continent Kolydia they were on good terms with the emperor's domicile and other political factions, which brought them significant influence.

When the Time of Discoveries began, about 100 years ago, the Grandmaster decided to move the whole organization to the continent of Candara and focus their exploration on the relics of ancient times.

This time is also referred to as "Withdrawal of the Eye of Wisdom" since they broke most of their contacts with Kolydia back then. They gathered many magical artifacts, which helped them to develop powerful spells since the creation of Varanas. The meaning of "Withdrawal" may refer less to the withdrawal from political involvement but rather the establishment of an independent power. In the beginning everything seemed to progress nicely, until 20 years ago when the Grandmaster Ancalon, and the elite of their organization, disappeared without a trace. For a couple of years the Eye of Wisdom was nearly rendered incapable of acting. Only with the assumption of the post as Grandmaster by Yarandor, the leader of Rune Magic, they returned to activity.

But the influence within the Varanas City had already been cut radically by the Council and their power and influence in the world was no longer as strong as previously.

The Eye of Wisdom has now overcome the alienation of the world and is anxious to help the people of Varanas. In addition they resurrected multiple research projects and recruited mages from all over the world to push their academic position back to the top.[1]

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