For A Few Demons More (Book)  

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For A Few Demons More (The Hollows, Book 5)
by Kim Harrison Review:
With her action-packed Hollows series, featuring former bounty hunter—and mistress of the dark arts—Rachel Morgan, Kim Harrison has become one of the hottest authors in the incredibly popular genre of sexy supernaturalism. In her latest Hollows tale, For a Few Demons More, Rachel unleashes all kinds of undead fury on the greater Cincinnati area when she tries to track down a serial killer.

ZAM User Reviews

I really enjoyed this book and, having accidentally started at book 5, I intend to go looking for books 1-4. -Bludwyng


This is an example of my current, working, version of the Amazon Page template. I chose a book that I just recently finished reading, but I am sure our actual usage would be for books like Brasse's EverQuest II Atlas.

Everything from the ZAM User Reviews line, up, is generated by the Amazon Page template. Notice the additional categories for Author and Series.

I currently have the amazon associates ID set to "zamnetwork", but can easily change that as soon as I know what our ID actually is.

The suffix of (Book) would be discontinued once a namespace is created for books, or kept if we desire to keep them in the main namespace. The template allows for a gameid to be included for books that pertain to a specific game, but the default is ZAM.

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