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Game Update 67: Darkness Dawns launched on July 23, 2013 (patch notes).

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Fabled Zones



Official Info

GU67 was announced in the Producer's Letter of June 14, 2013. It's scheduled to launch July 23, 2013. Features include:

  • The continuing Cobalt Scar story (click here for Holly's spoiler)
  • Fabled dungeons reusing content from Desert of Flames - Clefts of Rujark, The Djinn Masters Prism, Scornfeather’s Roost, and Pedestal of Sky
  • Character Advancement Templates - AA presets and the ability to save multiple builds
  • Three New Contested Avatar Raids - Prexus, Solusek Ro, and Drinal
  • Arena of the Gods - Challenge the avatars on YOUR schedule!
  • New Tradeskill Apprentice "goodies"
  • New PvP rewards
  • Personal Depots: Tinkerers can now make personal (house only) variations of all the guild hall depots!

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Game Update #67
July 23, 2013
EverQuest II

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