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[1]Go to Kiri Tentrees
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Talk to Tan Fen Greatcloud
Kiri Tentrees
Isle of Dawn
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Report to Sixfish
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Go to Kiri Tentrees

"A hero such as yourself is most needed in these times of war. Please seek out Kiri Tentrees just up the road to the southwest. She will get you started and compensate you for the travel costs."

"Thank you, Vendolyn. May you do well in your deeds."

(If you cannot find Kiri Tentrees, use your compass at the top of the screen for guidance. The red bar indicates the direction she is in.)

Quest Summary

Speak with Kiri Tentrees, who is standing outside the Tentrees family home in Tentrees Farmstead. She is to the southwest of Tan Fen Greatcloud.

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

10 Copper

"A Druid like you will do wonders around these parts. Our farmstead may just yet remain standing against the forces of the hobgoblins."

"Forgive my rudeness. I am Kiri Tentrees and I thank you for coming, Vendolyn. I am sure the boat here was not free, please take this coin to cover the costs."

"There is much to be done. With the war against the hobgoblins, the people are tired and depressed. Your presence, Vendolyn, brings hope to the people."

Your dialogue: "What can you tell me about the hobgoblins?"

"They are a large and savage race that hunger the taste of blood and have been on this island for as long as I can remember. We've been able to keep them in their own lands for many years. Recently something has occurred that caused the disappearance of our warriors."

"Now the hobgoblins are ruthlessly attacking our villages from the north, and we are outnumbered. It's as if something is driving them to attack with greater force than before."

Your dialogue: "Wouldn't the fact that your warriors are missing make it seem like their attacks are stronger?"

"That was our first thought, but there is something unusual about their tactics. Normally they would capture people and take them back to their camps for use in their bloody rituals. But now they just brutally murder all who they come upon."

Your dialogue: "What happened to your warriors?"

"They were off on a mission with a visitor, a sage who claimed to be from the lands of our emperor in Tanvu. They were last spotted going in to the temple of the ancestors. I fear something terrible has happened."

Your dialogue: "Do you want me to find them?"

"While I do care about the status of our warriors, they are capable of taking care of themselves. There are more pressing matters here that we need your help with. The farmers cannot defend themselves from the trained warriors of the hobgoblins."

Your dialogue: "Very well. What now?"

Here you are given the quest, Report to Sixfish.

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