Gobarta (DN Place)  

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Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire)
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Path: Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire) —> Gobarta

The lowest level you can adventure here is 10, and the highest available Dungeon here is 31.

  • Level range: 10-31
  • Single-player dungeon
  • Challenge: Defeat 300 or more Goblins to clear the dungeon.
  • Gobarta will not consume Empowerment points.
  • Items and money do not drop during the battle. Killing Goblins does earn EXP.
  • Gobarta may be cleared up to seven times per week.[1]

The strange goblin, Gobxes for This is Madness! and This is GOBARTA!!, is located at the carnival in northeast Carderock Pass. He wants you to take part in the Battle of Gobmopylae, in Gobarta. The objective is to kill 300 goblins before the timer runs out, then face their commander. Your reward is based on how many you kill. Those with AE skills should circle the goblins first to concentrate them, then blast away, rinse, repeat.

Lots of Tasty Meat and Mana Herb will drop.

When you reach 300 goblins, Goblinidas will appear. Defeat him to win the day! The metal chest that appears will have 6 Daredevil Prize Tickets (Carderock) inside.

After, talk to Gobxes again to complete This is Madness! or This is GOBARTA!!.

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