Golden Aether (Aion Item)  

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[Event] Golden Aether
Type Assembly-Type Item
Unstorable in Warehouse, Unstorable in Account Warehouse

This special aether has the power to make Tasty Grain go further.
You can make [Event] Rations Pack by assembling [Event] Golden Aether, [Event] Tasty Grain.

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Spoils of War
June 6 to June 22, 2012

This item is part of the Spoils of War event. You will receive Tasty Grain every 30 minutes of logged-in time, and random mobs throughout Atreia, as well as many instances, drop the Golden Aether between 11am and 3pm Central as well as from 7pm to 1am Central.

Combine these to make Rations Pack. To assemble them, simply right-click on either of the components and the UI will ask if you want to assemble them. You must have a free space in your cube to do so.

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