Grasp of Craving (RoM Item)  

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Worth: 1,334Gold 
Reward From:
Runes of Magic
Grasp of Craving
Tier 4
Requires Level 67
Chain Hands
Worth: 1334 Gold

Shadowtrooper (7) Chain
 Waist Chain of Agility (Ggl)
 Larry's Blessing (Ggl)
 Harvey's Chain Breastplate (Ggl)
 Grasp of Craving
 Dragonbone War Boots (Ggl)
 Chain Leg Armor of the Rebels (Ggl)
 Crown of the Pursuer (Ggl)
3 Pieces: +1240 Physical Attack
4 Pieces: +206 Strength
Also called Shadowtrooper Punisher
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Item Set Notes: This set is rewarded, a piece at a time, by quests in the Magical Reconstruction quest series in Tergothen Bay.

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