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General Overview

Harvesting in Vanguard comprises of five categories, which each player may choose two of:

  • Lumberjacking - cutting down trees for wood, used by Artificers.
  • Quarrying - breaking down stone resources for gems and stone. Mineralogists (Artificer) use stones for house building and gems for jewelery making.
  • Mining - allows for harvesting metal, mainly used by Blacksmiths.
  • Reaping - gathering of cloth materials for Outfitters to make light armor as well as materials for house building.
  • Skinning - harvests leather from fallen animals for Outfitters to create medium armor and saddle bags.

Slyde's Harvesting Guide

Starting Out:

  • Visit the Harvesting Trainer. They can be found fairly close to all starting areas. Ask a guard for directions.

  • Do the quests, and select which two materials you want to harvest. You may choose between Lumberjack (trees), Mining (metals), Quarrying (stone & gems), Reaping (textiles), or Skinning (hides). You can choose any two of these, one as your Primary, and one as your Secondary. There is no benefit in Primary over Secondary. If you plan to craft, you may want to harvest materials that you will be able to use as a crafter.

  • During your initial harvesting training you will do several easy quests that will provide your basic harvesting equipment. The beginning level tools are free, and you should obtain one of each tool - even those that are not for your profession. The reason for this is because you may want to do some group harvesting.

Group Harvesting:

- Things you should know:

  • When harvesting in a group your skills rise faster

  • The yield of the harvest is increased

  • Only the person who has the required skill can begin the harvesting. Once it has begun, anyone with the proper tool and required Harvesting skill can assist. For example, if you have chosen reaping and lumberjacking, and your friend has chosen mining and quarrying. You can begin the harvest on plants and trees, and he can assist if he has the right tools and Harvesting skill for that tier. Likewise, he can start the harvest on all stone and metal nodes, then you can assist.

  • Harvesting skill level is important. If you are harvesting tier 2 materials, for example, your group mates can only assist you if they have a Harvesting skill of at least 100. They do not need the skill for the profession to assist, only the proper tool.

  • Note: Rare and Ultra-rare nodes are not known until you begin harvesting the node. If you are harvesting solo and find one of these, or if you want to add more people to your group to increase the yield, you can cancel the harvesting before it reaches 60% and then restart it when ready. If you stop harvesting after it gets below 60%, you will only get a small yield and the node will disappear.


As you reach higher tiers, you should check the broker, or ask crafter friends for improved harvesting tools and clothing. This will greatly improve the yield of your harvesting.


As you gain skill levels, you will need to purchase a book from the Harvesting vendor before you can harvest the next tier of materials.

Tier levels are as follows:

  • Tier 1: 1-100
  • Tier 2: 101-200
  • Tier 3: 201-300
  • Tier 4: 301-400
  • Tier 5: 401-500

You may read the book (purchased from Harvesting instructor) to learn the next tier when you reach a skill level of 85, 185, 285, 385, and 485. If you seem to be stuck at 100, 200, etc... it means you probably didn't read the book yet.

Note: Most (if not all) races have a harvesting bonus of +5 to a particular skill, so you could possibly get stuck at 105, 205, etc... if you haven't read the book.

Once you reach the next tier, you can continue to gain experience by harvesting materials from the previous tier up to the tier level +25 (125, 225, 325, and 425).

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