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This page contains technical help on making hyperlinks in the ZAM Network Wikibase, giving readers one-click access to other Wikibase pages and external websites. For very basic information, see the Cheatsheet.

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A wikilink, or internal link, links a page to another page within the ZAM Network Wikibase.

  • [[a]] gives a (link to a, labeled a).
  • [[a|b]] gives b (link to a, labeled b). This is also called a piped link.
  • [[a]]b gives ab, just like [[a|ab]] does: ab.
  • [[a|b]]c gives bc, which is not the same as [[a|bc]] does: bc. Unlike on Wikipedia, on our wiki including a label negates the normal way a wiki would add the text, attached outside the link, to the link.
  • [[a]]:b gives a:b (punctuation is not appended to the link). The same goes for [[Washington]]'s or e-[[mail]].
  • a[[b]] gives ab. Text before the link is not included.
  • [[a]]<nowiki>b</nowiki> gives ab. Note that although the b is inside a nowiki tag it is still included!
  • [[a]]''b'' gives ab.
  • ''[[a]]''b gives ab.
  • [[a|b]]c<nowiki>d</nowiki> gives bcd.

Links with a specified label are said to be "piped" because of the pipe symbol used ( | ).

The link target is case-insensitive (so Everquest II and EverQuest II and everquest ii all link to Everquest II.

If the target of a wikilink does not exist, it is displayed red, and is called a red link. If a red link is clicked, the user is taken directly to the Edit page for that pagename.

If the target of a link is the same as the page on which it appears it is displayed in bold, as in Link, rather than linked.

A link to an external URL is made with single square braces. Also, the label is separated by a space instead of a pipe ( | ). Adding a label is pretty much required, as you can see in the first example, below.

  • [] gives [1] - not real useful
  • [] gives
  • [] gives
  • [ ZAM LotRO] gives ZAM LotRO
  • [ Aslak] gives Aslak
  • [ ZAM Wiki Help Section] gives ZAM Wiki Help Section
  • [ General Game Forum] gives General Game Forum
  • [/forum.html?forum=22 General Game Forum] gives General Game Forum but keeps you on the subdomain you are currently viewing.

As you can see, an external link does not have to be to an external site. It can be used here to explicitly go to a ZAM Network database page, or to change the subdomain the user is currently using.

Each game in our Wikibase is identified by its gameid, such as EQ2 for Everquest II. For each game, each table in our db is identified by the gameid plus the database type. This is the namespace, like EQ2 Quest: or FFXIV Mob:, and allows us to link to our database-generated page from the wiki using the plain name of the thing.

[[EQ2 Item:Rat Hide Skullcap]], then, links to the same page as [ Rat Hide Skullcap]. Rat Hide Skullcap and Rat Hide Skullcap. If you are on the EQ2 subdomain skin the mouseover popup even works on both!

Note about Tooltips for wiki links - If you are on or any subdomain here except for, the Wikibase link, above, does not have a mouseover tooltip the way the longer "external" link does. If you go to this page viewed on the tooltop works. You have to be on the correct game's site for the wiki version of the links to use tooltips.


Attempting to link normally to a Category: page will actually add the page to the category. To make a link to a Category you need to preface the link with a colon ( : ). So, [[Category:Guides (ZAM)]] would add this page to Category:Guides (ZAM), while [[:Category:Guides (ZAM)]] creates a link you can follow to Category:Guides.


In this section we are going to use the ZAM logo icon, seen at right, as our example. The ISIN of this image is 154775. It is attached to the wiki page at ZAM Network (Game Icon).

The image system we use here allows users to upload images to their personal images or directly attached to a wiki page, then keeps track of them by an Image System Identification Number. Users can then use this number to place an image in a wiki page. Below we cover the basics, only, of how this works.

[[image:154775]] displays the following image.

An image can be re-sized, both up and down. [[image:154775|20px]] displays the following image.

A frame, or box, can be added around the image. [[image:154775|frame]] displays the following image.

A caption can be added, but only if the image is also framed. [[image:154775|frame|Our logo]] displays the following image. thumb, covered below, is treated as a frame and can have a caption.

Our logo
Our logo

An image can be floated so that text appears next to it and flows around the image. Placement of the image link on the text section is important in some cases and usually works best if the image link is placed at the start of the text. [[image:154775|left]] displays the image you see to the left. right and center can also be used but text will not float around a centered image.

LotRO Logo
LotRO Logo
A thumbnail of a large image can be created so a small image is shown but clicking on the image will take you to the image page with the image shown full-size. right does not need to be added, as it is the default for all thumb images. right, left or center can be added, though. For this example we are using the full-size logo for Lord of the Rings Online. The link is [[Image:171023|thumb|LotRO Logo]]

Our logo
Our logo
Most of the options, above, can be used together to place the image and style it. To the right you see our logo with the following link: [[image:154775|thumb|left|Our logo]]

External images can be linked to using [[image:full_url_goes_here|100px|right|frame|This is just an example]]

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