Limo Desert (RoM Quest Series)  

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Limo Desert
Quest Series
Starting ZoneLimo Desert
Rec. Levels60 to 60
Previous Northern Janost Forest
Next Land of Malevolence
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Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Daily Quests

Daily Quest Summary
LevelQuestNPCStart LocationNeedsXP
61A LessonSlyker WandererEarthsprings VillageKill 10 Rh'anka Wanderers138,284
61Not Simple Rock SaltCarter Grey-eyeRock Salt VillageRock Salt Storage Sack x6 (Ggl) from Rock Salt Mostos138,284
61Incubation PlanYadan MidasarShattered Hand Research CampSan Colored Turtle Egg x8 (Ggl) from Pile of Buried Eggs in Dune of the Heavens138,284
61Road to the SkyBael LasonTomardWind Riding Feather x6 (Ggl) from Storm Vultures138,284
61Enviable StrengthPliade RotteneyeTukork Hunting GroundArcher's Weapon x10 (Ggl) from Iron Tooth Archers in Tukork Hot Springs138,284
61In Hot SpringsPliade RotteneyeTukork Hunting GroundBones of a Warrior x6 (Ggl) from Puppet Warriors in Tukork Pass138,284
61Sandstorm PredictionNickkers Grey-eyeRock Salt VillageThick Curly Pelt x8 (Ggl) from Desert Boshis147,503
61Water Saving MethodKailea NuehorEarthsprings VillageSnakeskin with Broken Scales x8 (Ggl) from Thorny Sand Vipers147,503
61Witness a MiracleMowgli BugeyeTukork Hunting GroundTurtle Shell Crystal x8 (Ggl) from Hot Spring Turtles in Tukork Hot Springs147,503
61Dragon and the MaidenKamela WadasTomardZanka Viper Eye x8 (Ggl) from Zanka Sand Vipers156,722
61Mark of the DamnedMataknerShattered Hand Research CampGladiator Rune Power Fragment x6 (Ggl) from Heavens Wrath Warriors near Shattered Hand156,722
61Source of High NutritionYadan MidasarShattered Hand Research CampTender Young Ground Meat x6 (Ggl) from Young Yasheedees156,722
61Thief HunterCarter Grey-eyeRock Salt VillageStolen Salt Bag x8 (Ggl) from Rh;anka Salt Raiders156,722
61Meat in the Sand is Especially DeliciousKazakh Whitefang (start)
Kuketu Whitefang (end)
???Young Yasheedee in a Bag x10 (Ggl) - Use Sturdy Hemp Rope Loop (Ggl) to catch Young Yasheedees165,941
61Secret of the RuinsMataknerShattered Hand Research CampRune Fragment of the Gardener x6 (Ggl) from Langlokee Gardeners in Shattered Hand175,160
61Too Hungry to MoveDasheema EugellinovEarthsprings VillageChunk of Yasheedee Meat x6 (Ggl) from Adult Yasheedees175,160
Group 2
King of the Desert EcosystemYadan MidasarShattered Hand Research CampSandstorm Yasheedee Tissue x6 (Ggl) from Sandstorm Yasheedees193,597
Red Demon of the DesertTim SchindlerTukork Hunting GroundKill Crimson Devourer during defense of Tukork Hunting Ground358,758

Multi-Zone Quest Series

Public Quests

The Limon in Tukork Hot Springs have started hunting Young Yasheedees again.

Earthsprings Village

Pepenko BugeyeKaleed Whitefang

  1. [60] A Little Revenge - Deliver goods to Kaleed Whitefang and put some Vial of Pepenko's Anesthetic (Ggl) in their drinking water
  2. [60] Ruse Success? - Put the Goods Purchased by Limon (Ggl) on the dune and the Vial of Pepenko's Anesthetic (Ggl) in the water
  3. [60] Whose Lying? - Talk to Pepenko Bugeye
  4. [60] Free Goods - Carry goods
  5. [60] Gift of the Limon - Talk to Pepenko Bugeye

Manson Sheeso

  1. [61][Group] Fear - Enter the Sand Vortex and defeat Sandstone Messenger
  2. [61] Identification - Give the Sand Core (Ggl) to Jason Dios
  3. [61] True Professional - Talk to Manyz Dia
  4. [61] Introductory Element - Sell the Sand Core (Ggl) to Manyz Dia

Kingdom of Limon

Udkar AngerfangBulamos Angerfang

  1. [61] Ambition - Get 10 (Ggl) and Windswept Vulture meat x10 (Ggl)
  2. [61] Limon Pride - Talk to Bulamos Angerfang
  3. [61] Class Cannot Be Overcome - Observe the confrontation
  4. [61] The Sharpclaw Lie - Talk to Bulamos Angerfang
  5. [61] Angerfang Counterattack - Using the Sharpclaw Booty (Ggl) to lure out Sharrow Sharpclaw and, to teach him a lesson about beating up defenseless old people, beat him up and take his Sharpclaw Tooth (Ggl)

Kawak's Tomb

Kashatte Angerfang

  1. [62] Legend of the Golden Sarcophagus - Get 10 (Ggl) and Windswept Vulture meat x10 (Ggl)
  2. [62][Group] Secret of the Sarcophagus - Enter Kawak's Tomb and investigate the Golden Sarcophagus
  3. [62] Angerfang Faith - Tell Mulaba Angerfang to stop guarding the tomb

Yadan Midasar [Biologist] (Ggl) at Shattered Hand Research Camp

Matakner [Rune Researcher] (Ggl) at Shattered Hand Research Camp

Zanka's Dune

Bigmouth FrogskinMi'siNorel Angerfang

  1. [61] Split Up - Find the Scattered Jewelry in Zanka's Nest
  2. [61] Respect for the Dead - Search Corpses in Zanka's Nest to find Jewelry in a Skeleton (Ggl)
  3. [61][Group] Revenge - Kill Zanka the Dragon and return the Battered Crest (Ggl)

Shattered Hand Research Camp

Yadan Midasar [Biologist] (Ggl)

Matakner [Rune Researcher] (Ggl)

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